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In 2020 Top 5 strategies for best time to post on instagram for likes

As you know on Instagram find the perfect timing for posting any content is very hard.

Therefore the random distribution of posting schemes does not work always and you must be focused on Instagram to find the perfect time. 

In this article, I will discuss experimental results, found after random or time based posting on Instagram. 

Here I will discuss all top 5 strategies in the form of post or content’s timing. 

Best time to post on Instagram for likes

During Morning

The very early morning session on Instagram is very important and a good time to post content on Instagram.

5 am to 8 am

During this time interval, you can make lots of good and inspiring posts. Like,

If your post can make a good day for someone

Preferred to your niche

Inspiring thoughts in different categories

Ready to do something new

So, this time interval is very important and you can get lots of likes during this time.

Perhaps the idea of posting something at very early morning is very sophisticated because there are many people on Instagram who doesn’t like your content but they liked your niche idea,

Hence, always focused on your niche ideas or topics whatever you choose.

8 am to 10 am 

What type of content you can post during this time?

A Foody one

Related to your niche

Lunch ideas

Take a relax in ongoing work, that types of ideas

10 am to 12 pm

Focused on your niche

Energizes to your work

Work hard ideas to keep your work or other activities more stable

Which fill the environments full of energy

Afternoon to evening session and the night show.

12 pm to 2 pm

This is lunchtime and everyone wants to complete their lunch on time and take a little rest.

First your niche

Ideas that keep away user from worries

Talking about food content, such as recipes and how they can be prepared?

Something entertaining

Upload videos 

2 pm to 4 pm

In these all-time intervals, the niche idea may be always to be your first choice. Because your niche is a very important factor for your business growth.

OKAY, what should be posting?

Your niche 

Something entertaining like a joke, funny pics, etc

Something impressive which give the user a boost to out from comfort zone to hard one

Motivational things

4 pm to 6 pm

Your niche idea

Something cool posts

Which feels relief to your user

Upload videos

Entertaining posts and ideas

Quotation posts 

6 pm to 8 pm

This time is good for, 

First always your niche

Upload videos 

Something else which put your user on the road of these words – why, what, how, whenever, okay, I think, etc

Entertaining things

Motivational quotes

Inspiring someone

success story


8 pm to 10 pm

The night is very important for many things and social media is one of them.

During night only those posts or content are more visible to your eyes or if I say the content which your mind and body wants to. 

So be focused during this time interval because it can put a good impact on your social media strategy or plans. 

I think this is a very good time to analyze your social media marketing strategies. 

OKAY, what should you post during this time, 

Related to your niche

Entertaining topics

Case study

Interview related posts 

Reviews on different topics which you know very well

motivational quotes and motivational stories, etc

you can upload videos

Something new or you can post on trending topics

Give more content on the basis of user engagements

and many other things which are relevant to you and your audience

10 pm to 12 am 

This is the time which is sometimes the same as for the best time to post on Facebook for getting likes.

I personally suggest posting during this time interval only if you have a big fan following on Instagram.

Or if your audience or users are active only during this time interval or a part of your fan following always active during this period then you may post on this time. 

But, as you know not everyone active during this time because it’s sleeping time for everyone.

Therefore I suggest that if you want to post during this time interval you can post between 10 pm to 11 pm.

But, it’s your choice or completely your decision that what type of content you want to share or post on Instagram for likes on different time intervals.

I would recommend you that please take a look at your insight report inside Instagram.  

How to check Insights Report inside Instagram account?best time to post on instagram for likes

Insights reportbest time to post on instagram for likes

For rocking on Instagram

As you know Instagram is a great platform and sometimes it seems better than Facebook.

Therefore getting the best result on Instagram, I would suggest you 

Keep patience and always maintain a regularity on Instagram

Keep posting on trending topics or related to your niche

Always use hashtags that suits to your niche or content whatever you post

Give likes on others posts and comments that are related to your niche

Keep promoting your Instagram account on different platforms such as if you a blog, a Facebook page or groups, or all other platforms on which you can promote. 

Last and most important “Give value to your user or audience”.

Conclusion for the best time to post on Instagram for likes

Instagram is a very good platform for promoting anything.

If you start to use Instagram and you are a very new beginner on this platform then you should first understand the strategies of Instagram.

These time intervals (Given above) are based on the insight report and own analysis report on Instagram.

You can make your own analysis report after making a different time interval to post on Instagram and can match the result.

These all suggestions (Given above) can suits you well or not but these definitely help you a lot.

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