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Facebook New Logo, Facebook logo new version, Facebook company new logo

Facebook New Logo.

Yes, this is true, Facebook announced a new logo that is different from its present branding logo. Facebook’s new logo, will start in use in the coming weeks, said by Facebook.

According to the Cheif marketing officer of Facebook, Antonio Lucio:

“We are updating our company branding in the coming weeks, this will further distinguish the Facebook company from the facebook app and facebook app will keep its own branding”.

“This is designed for clarity and uses custom typography and capitalization to create a visual distinction between the company and app”.

Antonio Lucio says that “People should know which companies make,
the products they use”. 

The users and the businesses, who use our products and services for connecting, sharing and building community and want to grow their audience, this new branding will help them to better communicate with our ownership structure. 

You may know about facebook’s main services such as the Facebook app, Facebook messenger, Whatsapp, Oculus, Workplace, portal, and Calibra

According to Facebook, over the coming weeks, we will start using our new branding within our product and in marketing materials too. 

Facebook says, that we will introduce a new website for this new branding. 

The Official source of this News and these announcements are Facebook Newsroom. For more information, you may visit this.

Facebook always update its marketing strategy and its user’s experience, this makes Facebook a great social media platform.

Although we know that, with the help of Facebook services and products, we are able to share our work and business in a global area. 

Definitely Facebook is great to build relevant communities and the right audience. 

If we use Facebook in a secure way then, this can make our business very good.

Facebook New logo, from the author’s view of Mind.

I think new branding and introducing a new Facebook logo for WhatsApp, Instagram, etc, is good for better understanding too.

This is great because it will be used to distinguish between facebook and facebook’s products and in a well-organized way. 

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