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How to delete activity log on Facebook OR how to clear activity log on Facebook

How to delete activity log on Facebook.

There is no single solution to the term”How to delete activity log on Facebook”.

If you have big data of activities on Facebook, whatever daily routine or your past activity.

Then this becomes a very tidy process to clear the activity log on Facebook. Because there are no such methods of delete Facebook activity log in once. 

You have to choose one by one of the activities which you want to delete.

Okay, let’s talk about the process. 

For Computer Users.

Simply open Facebook and tap on the activity log.

You can also open it by open Facebook settings and then Your personal information and then tap on the Activity log.

In the activity log, you see all recent activities by your account.

Here if you want to delete or clear these activities just tap on the top right side of posts or activity and edit them.

how to delete activity log on facebook

In the edit, you can unlike, delete, remove activities. 

how to delete activity log on facebook

After doing this the activity removes from the activity log. 

That’s it, according to me this is the only method to clear the Facebook activity log.

How to delete activity log on Facebook android.

For an android mobile, this is the same process as same as the computer.

First, Open the Facebook app on an android phone.

Tap on settings and then in Your Facebook information tap on the activity log.

how to delete activity log on facebook

Here you will do the same process which is done on the computer.

The same tasks were happened here like, remove, delete, or unlike any activity.

For mobile, this is the only way to get rid of the Facebook activity log.

What is the Facebook activity log?

A Facebook Activity log is the section in which you can see your recent activities on Facebook.

These activities include likes on someone’s posts, comments on posts, tagging someone’s, and giving reactions on posts. 

These are our activities that are stored in the activity log by Facebook for giving us a record of Facebook account activities.

Author’s view 

According to me if you want to reduce a large number of activities, you should behave properly on Facebook.

Behave properly means, that you should reduce the number of likes and comments on Facebook.

Sometimes we just do like or comment on some posts on Facebook without any reason. Some of the unrealistic content on Facebook often in form of posts, sometimes through Live sessions, etc doesn’t deserve any likes, comments, shares, and tags, etc. You have to conscious on social-media whatever be it’s Facebook or other platforms. 

If you do such unwanted activities then, this can lead to the number of activities, and the most important this is wastage of our valuable time without any kind of reasons. 

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