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How to add admin on Facebook page, how do i add an admin to my Facebook page

How to add admin on Facebook Page.

That is very simple to add an admin to the Facebook page and here we talk about the process “How to add admin on the Facebook page”.

First, let’s do this and after then we will discussing it’s importance and security risks.

How to add admin on a Facebook page for computer users.

First, please open Your Facebook account or log in to your Facebook account.

Go to the Pages section and choose a page in which you want to add admin. Here remember the first thing that, you must admin of that page. 

Open that page and click on settings.

how to add admin on facebook page

In settings you found various categories and their related terms, here click on Page roles.

Click into the box of Assign a new Page role and mention that account name to whom you want to make an admin.

how to add admin on facebook page

Now choose an Admin role for that account and add it.

For security reasons please Re-enter your Facebook password and click on submit.

An invitational notification will be sent to that the desired Facebook account. 

how to add admin on facebook page

After accepting this invitation, you successfully added an admin to this page.

how to add admin on facebook page


How to remove yourself from a Facebook page, and also another admin. 

This is also very simple that is, how to remove yourself from a business page on Facebook, or from a community-based page.

Similar to the above process click on Edit and then click on Remove.

how to add admin on facebook page

Re-enter your Facebook password and That’s it. 

“If you are the only full admin of that page, you cannot remove yourself.

To remove yourself, first you must add another admin for that page, then you may proceed”.

How to add admin on a Facebook page for android Mobile users. 

This process is the same as the previous one.

Open the Facebook app on mobile phone and Tap on pages and choose a page of which you are admin.

Go to page settings and then tap on Page roles.

Here tap on Add Person to Page and mention that account name to whom you want to make an admin.

how to add admin on facebook page

Choose admin and tap on add. Similarly to the above process, for security reasons please Re-enter your Facebook password.

how to add admin on facebook page

An invitation notification sent to that account and whenever accepted, you successfully added that account to your page admin.

How to remove yourself from a Facebook page, and also another admin, for mobile users. 

This task is the same as computer users. Go to Page roles and choose that admin to whom you remove.

Tap on Edit and then Remove.

Importance and security Risks after Add another admin on the Facebook page.

Importance: If a page has two or more admin then, it’s very easy to handle the page’s content.

As two admins can work individually to manage Facebook Page content. 
They can easily run comments, posts, events, create jobs and many more things. 

The most important thing by add additional admin to Facebook page is if your Facebook account disables or locked then handle your Facebook pages will not be in your hands.

For any reason, if your Facebook account is locked or temporarily suspended, then you cannot access your Facebook page.

But if you add another admin for the page, your page is always active and its content too. 

Risks to add another admin on the facebook page.

The biggest risk is you can lose your Facebook page completely.

As you know after creating or adding another admin, they have the same permissions or right as you have. 

Another admin can remove you from your page and take all control in own hand.

If another admin removes you from the page then, Facebook has no solutions for this problem to make admin again you, Maybe not.
you will completely out of the page.

If it would happen all your efforts and work related to your page will end.
Also, you cannot manage Facebook ads on your page. 

This situation will be very heartbroken and financially not good for you.

From the Author’s view of mind: 

                                                   “I recommend all Facebook users that, always keep in mind all aspects related to the Facebook page, its value in your life and security risks too”. 

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