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Delete facebook account in one minute single step with link and delete option

How to delete facebook account, things which you should know before. 

Before we started to delete facebook account in one minute single step, please note.

•1 If you are admin of all pages which you created, then all pages will be deactivated. You must add an additional admin to keep the page activated. 

•2 Similarly in the case of groups on facebook. But due to more members in a group, sometimes it may not be unpublished or deactivated, it could add a moderator as an admin of this Group, who is also a member of this group?

•3 All the content which you have posted, like images, posts, videos, the comments, messages etc will be deleted and never regain by you. If you want to save this data, you can download a copy of this content. 

Facebook gives you the complete authority to download your personal information before you delete your account. 

• 4 If you have created an app in your facebook developer account and you are the only admin of this, the developer account, and the apps will also be deleted and you will never able to access these apps by creating a new account.

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Interesting facts in delete facebook account.

•5 Here are some interesting facts that, Facebook gives you 14 days to login back into your account from the date of deletion. But after 14 days your account will be permanently deleted.

• 6 Facebook takes 90 days to complete deletion of your stored information in your account but this cannot be accessible by others. The messages which you sent will be visible to your’s friends as because a copy of that is stored in your friends’ inboxes.

delete facebook account

Now let us delete the account.

•1 Click to Download a copy of your Facebook data.

•2 Click to Delete your Facebook account.

These links redirect you to the Facebook official website.

Disclaimer: All info. are based on the search result on the internet and Own Research.

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