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How to Monetize Facebook Page, Facebook Monetization, ad breaks eligibility

How to Monetize Facebook Page?

Simply monetize Facebook video page is like the youtube partner program. Like whenever a person creates videos on youtube by making any kind of channel, then this will make money from the ads shown by the youtube partner program feature at the videos. Then this same on Facebook “How to Monetize Facebook Page”.

Similarly, on Facebook, videos posted on your page are eligible for facebook ad breaks feature.
Facebook has to give an opportunity to both creators and publishers globally to make money from their videos on Facebook by helping each other with ad breaks.

how to monetize facebook page

Ad breaks eligibility?

In this, Facebook will show ads in the videos on any page which fulfills the required criteria.

Facebook had tested this project in different countries so that, every publisher and creator could make money from their videos on this platform.

How to Monetize Facebook Page.

Lists of countries that are eligible for facebook ad breaks.

how to monetize facebook page



New Zealand Australia UK Ireland Bolivia Chile Argentina
Belgium The Dominican Republic Colombia Denmark El Salvador Ecuador France Germany
Guatemala Honduras Mexico Netherlands Norway Peru Portugal Spain
Sweden Thailand

These countries are available for ad breaks programs, supporting English content and various local languages.

Facebook says that we will expand the availability to more countries and languages over the next few months.

How to Monetize Facebook Page.

Eligibility requirements. 

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how to monetize facebook page

Only those pages are eligible for Facebook ad breaks if they have a minimum of 10,000 Facebook followers.

• The pages which have the total number of views in all video is more than 30,000 in the past two months.

• One view then will be counted if the watch time on any video is minimum one-minute or furthermore than (One-minute complete view).

• The minimum duration of any video will be 3-minutes.

• The pages are located in a country where ad breaks are available.

• The pages which meet Facebook’s Monetisation Eligibility Standards.

To know about Facebook’s “Monetisation Eligibility Standards” click on the Link above up.

We think that this a great platform for you and us, where Facebook giving creators and publishers a place for their videos.

You can check whether your Facebook page is eligible for ad breaks eligibility process or not.

ad break eligibility check?