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How to Increase Facebook Page likes without spending Money

In today’s world, if you want to generate revenue from any platform, you often think that you should invest some money for that. But, now the era goes to smart, and I think works very smartly. Then, you should be as smart as others who work on the same platform.

But you see if you want to gain such kind of performance and you wanna be loyal and wanna be do fair work, then you will be work till for a long period of time and be calm and keep patience for that.

So always remember if you work on any platform without investing money you should work hard and keep patience.

How to Increase Facebook Page likes without spending money?

I think to spend money on the Facebook page for likes and followers, is not a 100% guaranty of getting followers or good responses. So, here I will talk about the genuine ways to get organic reach and likes on Facebook. 

Always remember that the quality of your page’s content is only one factor on which your page lies completely. As you know content is the king for all kinds of Facebook pages and many other internet works. If your content is not as appropriate for your audience then there is less possibility of page’ growth. 

Okay, let’s talk about some major factors which can increase your page audience. These factors play side by side role to build an audience for your page. Sometimes these factors work almost the same and sometimes work apart.

1. Your Page content

how to increase facebook page likes without spending money
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 I have already told you that content is king. Good content makes your posts also good and increases post reach. If people like your content, then they hit like button, sharing and can comment on your posts.

These all tasks will increase the overall engagement of your page’s posts and then there is a chance to gain likes and followers for your page. Always remember that the quality of content is always in your hand so, try to make good and helpful content for others because time is precious.

In today’s world keep visitors on-page is to be very difficult because a user comes on your page to get something helpful or somewhat they want. 

2. The profile picture and cover photo of the page.

3. Description of your Facebook page.

4. Sharing on your page.

5. Invite people to like your Facebook page.

6. Live-streaming on your Facebook page.

How to invite people to Increase Facebook Page likes without spending money in 2020?

how to increase facebook page likes without spending money
Image by Pixabay

Here I talk about the strategy of how to invite Facebook friends to like your Facebook page. This strategy is the same for both the Facebook business page or Facebook community-based page. Before inviting the friends, You should complete all other tasks like adding a description for your page in about section, set a profile picture and set a cover photo too, etc.

Why Add description on your Facebook page? Before inviting people, adding a description for your page is very important. With the help of a description of your page, users who visited your page can understand your niche, the aim of your page. Also, many other pieces of information like contact details, address, service area, products, and many other things. 

How to add posts on the Facebook page? You should add some posts related to your page at different intervals of the day on a regular basis. The number of posts published on your page is to be limited. For me, it is 5/6 posts per day at different intervals of time. You can also add less than 5/6 posts a day, but posts should have quality content. I studied the analysis graph of the Facebook page and I see that, fewer posts more engagement. 

Now the real story has begun to Increase Facebook Page likes without spending money.

how to increase facebook page likes without spending money
Photo by Mimi Thian on Unsplash

Before starting I assure you that these are the real/Genuine and organic ways to get likes on any Facebook page

Okay, take a case of a very new Facebook page. If you invited all of your Facebook friends on your page, then now. Let’s assume you have 100 Facebook friends and you invited all of to like your page. If you get 15 likes and some around 15 followers for your page from 100 invitation. If you had 1000 to 5000 Facebook friends, then the ratio is 150 or 500 likes or followers. You have invited all friends of yours and now there are no friends remain whom you will invite to like your page, what next.

  1. You can contact your Facebook friends to invite people to like your page. Again the same tactics work here. If your friends invited at least 100 Facebook friends to like your page. Then similarly as your case, you will get at least 10-15 likes or followers for your page. If you contact at least 50 friends of yours and they invited at least 100 friends to like your page then, you will get 600/700 likes or followers on your Facebook page in a week. According to my, In real life, this method is not so easy.
  2. The second method is Live streaming on your Facebook page and you can uploads videos related to your niche or page. These two ways have more possibilities than other methods on the Facebook page for getting engagements. If your Live season or uploaded videos are interesting or helpful to others than there is always a chance that your video or any content maybe go viral on Facebook. If any of your page’s video goes viral on Facebook, you will get thousands of reach and engagements. Through this reach and engagement, you definitely get some likes and followers on your page. 

Is sharing in Groups increase Facebook page likes?

how to increase facebook page likes without spending money
Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash

Yes, This is also a very important factor in the growth of a Facebook page. First, you may create your own Facebook group related to your page. A page’s group is very good for page health.

On another hand, If you share your page’s posts in other related groups on Facebook then from this you may get very good reach on your page. If the share content is interesting or somehow helpful, there is always a chance of getting likes on your page and followers too.

This happens only when other Facebook groups approved your post into their own group feed. If your post gets approve then, you should share 1/2 posts in Facebook groups on a regular basis. But the number of sharing with other groups is very limited. The actual number for this is not defined by Facebook so you have to very careful while sharing posts in other groups otherwise you may be restricted by Facebook. Facebook seems that these activities can create spam on Facebook.

Why Regularity, to increase Facebook Page likes? To keep active your page. Upload content on a regular basis whatever be it is video/images/live-streaming, and page stories, etc. According to me, In 2020 regularity is to be the best optimization for Facebook pages. You can create polls/events and also create jobs on your page for more engagement and reach. This will help you in getting likes and followers too. 

From the author’s view: Honestly told, these tips maybe like it or not by you, but seriously, these will help you a lot. Again I will say that “Content is the King”.

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