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In year 2020 when is the best time to apply for a job

You ever thought when is the best time to apply for a job or is that job suits me or not. This question is very important in everyone’s life because for some people a job is a very daunting process.

Every person in their life wants a good job and salary.

For this purpose, time and education are the most important things.

If you have good skills on the basis of educations and time then your chances of getting good jobs will be high.

Hence, when is the best time to apply for a job?

Is it after school?

Before or after graduation?

After or before post-graduation or Ph.D.

Diploma or after completed various courses?

In this article, I will discuss the months, the days or even a good time interval on a complete day. Let us talk about why we need or why we think that” when is the best time to apply for a job” in our life.

Jobs play a very important roll in overall human societies and living standards.

As you know a job is any type of work for which you received the money in the form of salary and definitely money, is an essential part of our life. Sometimes you want a job because you want to fulfill your dream or habits in the form of work and you are dreamt about. In many phases of life, you think you are willing to do a job or sometimes you want to do a job because of other problems or something else.

Regardless there is always a perfect time for something but every person on earth has different problems in their life. Many times some situations compel you to do work in the form of a job. These situations may be good or bad, it depends on person to person.

Okay, let us talk about the sense of the question.

On the basis of education

when is the best time to apply for a job
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If you completed your Secondary level education!

After the 10th standard, if you are dreamt about a good job then you might be felt disappointed. This is because on the basis of secondary level education the probability of getting a good job is very low. This is the same for both private and government jobs. People think that more you learn in the state of achieving higher certificates much skill a person has. But, there are some jobs which you can do after completing 10th standard.


 You can get an early job in your life and some of the govt jobs are of the central level.

During these jobs, you can study or take a distance learning program to increase your qualifications, such as you can do 12th or other higher degrees. Later, these higher qualifications help you to achieve your promotion or increments in your jobs easily or fast.


The posts during these jobs are a lower level grade except some (Govt. sector).

The salary you earn is not of that high level, at some job sites it can be very low at the starting stage of the job.

Although these jobs are early jobs but might take some time in your promotion or increment schemes if you have only the same qualifications during the complete period of the job.

After secondary and higher secondary education.

There are available numbers of varieties of jobs after completing the higher-secondary-examination as compared to high schools. After a higher secondary examination, the probability of getting a good job becomes comparatively high as compared to high schools. You can get government jobs as well as some good private jobs. As you know after high school the syllabus changes and you have different streams, such as science, ART, Commerce, any diplomas, etc. you can choose a job which suits your relevant disciplines.


You have a number of jobs available to do.

The grade level of these jobs is good as compared to high school jobs or less.

You can earn good salaries on the basis of these types of jobs. Also, as you know the salaries go high when you get a promotion or increments in your job title.

You can get some very respected jobs after higher secondary, such as, in Defence, teaching line, etc.

Lots of technical jobs are available after higher secondary.

If you want to continue your studies with jobs, you can, by the distance learning programs.


In govt sector’s if you want to achieve A, B, and sometimes the C grade levels posts, you have to wait for a long time, which is only possible after a number of promotions and increments. These promotions policies can change from time to time, it may happen you are remaining at the same post in your whole working periods and only salary increases.

In some of the government sectors, the higher-level administrative jobs are not available after higher secondary. For this, you must a graduation degree or relevant discipline.

After graduation complete. 

After Completing the graduation a student becomes more mature in the sense of qualifications and have many skills as compared to secondary and higher secondary level. The students choose a profession in an applied manner or some other disciplines too. If you dreamt about a good salary then after graduation this can be true. If you dreamt about good grade level jobs then after graduation this can be also possible.


There are available many jobs after completing graduation. You can do some high-level jobs in government sectors and in private sectors.

Some of the jobs are at a high-level administrative level.

The salaries in these types of jobs are very good and it increases with time to time promotions and increments.

After graduation, you can do any type of job except a few ones.

On the basis of graduation, you can easily get grade C, B, and as well as A grade levels jobs.


Even you completed your graduation but some job titles required post-graduation or higher ones.

In some government sectors and private sectors, a Master’s degree is essential or must be required in our qualifications.

After a Master’s degree or program and the ph.D.

If you completed your Master’s degree or program and also someone completed their Ph.D. then there is no need to explain to you that what type of jobs you want to get. Some of the conditions of entry-level positions problems are over after these qualifications. You can do anything at this level of qualification in relevant disciplines.

Diplomas and Courses

There are many job opportunities if you completed some of the diplomas or courses in relevant fields. These diplomas or courses can be completed after secondary, higher secondary even after graduation and post-graduation. You can choose any of the particular course and find jobs related to that course.

Conclusions on the basis of the above tactics

A job is completely based on your choice and qualifications. Sometimes qualifications do not matter and sometimes the choice. So, when is the best time to apply for a job is completely depends on you.

There are many other works in which only skills matters but if you have skills with qualifications then the graph of getting jobs is at its peak and you don’t worry about finding the best time to apply for jobs.

But, I think nowadays education and proper knowledge of something you want to do is a must.

On the basis of months

when is the best time to apply for a job
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According to different reports or surveys, not all months in a year are good for applying for a job. These reports show that the January and February months are good for applying for a job. This is because every company or different sectors want new employees. On another hand during these months, some employees get retired from their services also. So vacant seats are available. But the overall competition is very high during these two months.

March and April are also good for applying job applications. But the in mid of May and till June & half July, there are summer vacations and getting a job during these months is quite hard. Similarly, many reports show that July to August is also good for applying for a job. The next months from September to December are in between the range of low to high or high to low for finding or applying for a job.

I think the distribution of jobs in any country may be different. The overall distribution of vacant vacancies is different both for governments and private sectors.

Therefore the all above planes or strategies for applying a job work can be different for different countries.

You must understand the governments’ strategies or time periods of various companies to find and then you may proceed to apply for a good job. This will really help you a lot.

On the basis of Days and Time

The first thing is that Sunday is a holiday so, we study the other six-day for finding the best day and the best time interval for applying for a job. For the government sector’s jobs, I am not sure about the best day to apply for a job. But, for the private sector, according to reports Tuesday is a good day to apply for a job. You can apply during all working days of a month for available job vacancies, Tuesday is not mandatory. Most of the people suggest Tuesday because of the basis of various reports and studies.

The morning time or after lunchtime is a great time to apply for a job. This is because during this time people have a fresh mind and they treat others in a good way of communication. According to studies during interviews, these two-time interval really helps a person in getting a job and also the recruiters, take less time to handle candidates.

Most important lines for candidates

Most important lines for candidates

Always give your 100% while working or to apply for a job ( For both Govt. & Pvt.)

The best is the time when you decided to do something, that’s it.

Always remember that your ability can create thousand of opportunities for the best time periods to apply for a job.

Good of luck to students…

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