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How a Farmer Can Make a Profit in Agriculture With Technology in 2021?

In 2021 or if we say during this pandemic farmer realized us the importance of farmers in every person’s life. In this article, I am going to discuss how a Farmer Can Make a Profit in Agriculture With Technology in 2021, and in the coming years too.

Who is a farmer?

A human who does farming for himself and for others is called a farmer. In this process, the farmer grows raw food items and makes sure availability of agriculture-related products.

The farmer grows food items as a complete crop, a mixed crop, and for buying & selling purposes for the Market different ways are there to work as an agriculturer.

A farmer can have their own farm (a piece of Land and its measurements may vary from location to location), or can work as agricultural-labor in other farms. Hence, we can say that a farmer can have many roles in agriculture.

Okay, let us talk about our today’s topic “farming with technology”.

In today’s world, if farmers do precision farming then, they can make a good life at the scale of earnings. This is because as I see from the past few years the traditional farming techniques are not as effective as they should.

How a farmer can make a profit in agriculture with technology in 2021? A farmer & Rice crop
Photo by Simon Fanger on Unsplash

Now it’s time to adopt new technologies in farming to do successful precision agriculture. Here I clear that “I don’t like chemical agriculture” for whatever be the reason or needs.

I always suggest following organic farming techniques to become a successful farmer. As all of you very know the effects of inorganic products that are used in today’s farming techniques.

There is a long list of reasons that is enough to stop inorganic farming by any way or purpose. But, what are the technologies that can help a farmer to produced organic Raw agricultural products? Let us see those.

Ways of doing Agriculture With Technology in 2021

  1. Connect with the Digital Era of technology.
  2. New Agriculture equipment with the latest technology.
  3. By understanding basic things about farming with the help of available technology.
  4. Social engagement for understanding newly coming technologies.
  5. Community empowerment of farmers.

1 Connect with the digital era of technology

Technology is working in many areas, and industries to make human life more easy and secure. But, what about the connection between agriculture and technology. This means, connecting with those platforms which are digital and helps farmers to grow their business from an agriculture perspective. Let us discuss a very famous digital platform.

YouTube – Yes, YouTube is one of my favorite digital platforms that help farmers a lot. There are lots of channels on YouTube that give detailed information about every aspect of farming.

How a farmer can make a profit in agriculture with technology in 2021? Man watching YouTube
Photo by CardMapr on Unsplash

A farmer easily connects with this platform in today’s world of smartphones. From a low-budget smartphone to a High-end smartphone you can easily excess videos on YouTube. The data usage prices are convenient if we compare to the past data prices.

Therefore, Searching a topic on YouTube regarding agriculture gives many short to long informative videos on that particular query. If you want to learn farming and grow it as a business opportunity then, With the help of youtube you can become a hero to 0.

On YouTube, there are hundreds of people that give you information about,

  • How to farming?
  • What are the requirements in farming?
  • Precautions in farming?
  • Maintenance in farming?
  • Estimated investments for any crop or related products?
  • Market values of crops, and other farming-related products?
  • How to make profitable farming?
  • How to handle farm-Labours in farming?
  • In farming how to ensure low loss or if there any loss happened how to cure it?
  • Farmer’s reviews on different agriculture’s private and government schemes.
  • Farmers can contact the owner of YouTube channels or related content.

Hence, we can say that with the help of YouTube you can do maximum things to become a successful farmer.

2 New Agriculture equipment with the latest technology.

Agriculture equipment is becoming more & more powerful and able to handle the hardest conditions of the agriculture industry.

List of equipment that is used in farming.

  • Tractor & Trolley
  • Sprayers
  • Cultivator
  • Combine
  • Combine Reaper
  • Combine Truck
  • Combine Swathe
  • Cutter
  • Earth Auger
  • Power Tiller
  • Power Reaper
  • Power weeder
  • Harrow
  • Trowels
  • weeders
  • Axes
  • Saws
  • Scissors
  • Shers, etc, etc. 

The above types of equipment are those that are often used in farming from small gardening scale to big-farm harvesting. Among these many of are of the latest technology and many of are prepared day by day with a new improved facility.

How a farmer can make a profit in agriculture with technology in 2021? A farming Drone
Photo by Jason Blackeye on Unsplash

A farmer can use this equipment as per need and financial conditions. There are many more types of equipment that are using by the farmer as the latest and advanced technology. For example,

  • Farming drones
  • Robotic technology
  • Automatic Tractors like equipment
  • Farming Satellite imaging Data, etc.

Let us discuss a few ones.

What is Use of drones in agriculture?

Drones in farming (Agriculture drones) is a new concept from a few past years. Farming drones are used for many works to take advantage of the latest technology in farming.

  • Drones are used as automatic sprayers, which overcome labor costs in farms, and this also saves time.
  • Crop imaging data collection of a big farm or land.

3 Understanding the basic things about farming with technology, which is available.

Some of the basics of modern farming are,

  • Soil test
  • Quality and Quantity of seeds
  • Season of crops (Planting, sowing, etc)
  • Grafting
  • Use of fertilizers
  • Use of Pesticides or insecticides
  • Pruning
  • Harvest

These are very common aspects of farming, and I think if you want to become a successful farmer then, you must know about these.

But, what about the relationship among these basic points (Given above) with technology, let us explain.

By doing a soil test one can know about the type of soil in their farm/land. This is very important from the perspective of advanced farming.

A soil test can be done from the nearest agriculture institute or from any convenient location where this service available. Some of the very important nutrients for any plant growth are Nitrogen (N), Phosphorus (P), Potassium (K), and along with these a pH level (acidity & alkalinity) also plays an important role for many plants.

Now some of the Soil test kits available in the market for use at home, and you do not need to go for a soil test in any agriculture institute, etc. These are for beginners, but if are facing any soil-related problems for a long time, and you have no solution for that then, you should contact the nearest agriculture institute.

4 Social Engagement for understanding newly coming Agriculture technologies.

A social engagement means how farmers interact with each other to share information about new ongoing or upcoming technologies in the agriculture industry.

If a farmer or any other person who is directly or indirectly correlates with farming understand and knows any new technology in the agriculture field.

Then, one should share this info with other farmers or people who are interested in farming. Because, if we do not share knowledge at the platform of social engagement then, how will other farmers take advantage of it too.

5 Community empowerment of farmers.

Here I mean to say if a community of farmer on a local level or at a big scale level can, 

  • Solve farmer’s problems
  • Share the latest technology information amongst them
  • Encouraged to do Organic farming with technology
  • Helping the farmers even on small scale to till wherever possible

Although farmer unions are there to raise the voice of other farmers but I think that’s not enough. Connecting with farmers on a regular basis or eventually schedule programs to make a strong bond with a farmer to a farmer as per an agriculture perspective is very important. 

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