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11 Differences Between WordPress and Blogger For Money Making

Blogger and WordPress both platforms give you opportunities to earn money through online work. But both platforms have their own pros and cons on the basis of many factors. In this article, we gonna discuss 11 differences between WordPress and Blogger.

Here we will discuss differences on the basis of money-making through these two platforms, compare that which one is better, is WordPress free? or Is Blogger Free? Their advantages over one another, which is good for future’s perspective, Globally acceptability, etc, etc.

Okay, let us start.

Differences Between WordPress and Blogger

Before taking those differences let us discuss Blogger and WordPress’s short explanations.

What is Blogger?

It is a Free Product by Google. It is originally not developed by Google but it is developed by Pyra Labs and then in 2003 Google Bought this Officially.

11 Differences Between WordPress and Blogger for Making Money in Low Budget, Which one is better?
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Anyone can make a number of Blogs on Blogger absolutely free of cost. No Domain purchasing charge and no hosting charges. This is because every domain on Blogger is connected by Google’s free Subdomain –, and hosted on Google’s Hosting.

This means you need only a valid email address to create a free blog on Blogger with You can choose any name that is available on Blogger as a Domain name.

For example,  — and so on which are available. But, you can also add a custom Domain name on Blogger. This is also free of cost. You need only pay the domain registrar, such as Go-daddy, etc. You can add a custom domain with both HTTP and HTTPS URLs.

How to Add Custom Domain in Blogger in 2020-2021?

What is WordPress?

It is an open-source content management system where a user makes a different blog or website free of cost, and also there is a paid version of WordPress.

11 Differences Between WordPress and Blogger for Making Money in Low Budget, Which one is better?
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WordPress is developed in PHP computer programming language and also uses MYSQL and MariaDB databases. To install WordPress free or paid, you need hosting (Online servers), and a custom domain. However, WordPress is free but in WordPress, You will be charged for Domain name and hosting plans.

11 Differences Between WordPress and Blogger

Sr no. Blogger WordPress
1 It is totally free of cost. No further charge is taken to use Blogger.

You have to pay only if you use a custom Domain on Blogger, and the cost is only for Domain registration and is paid to the domain provider company.

It is available in both Free and Paid versions.
2 Here you can create a blog without any custom Domain name, and only with the subdomain. You can not create a blog or website on WordPress without a Custom Domain name.
3 On Blogger you do not need to pay any amount for Hosting. Google provides free hosting for Blogger. On WordPress, you need to pay an amount according to your blog/Website’s need to Hosting provider companies for different plans and offers, such as Shared hosting plans, Managed hosting plans, and Cloud or Dedicated servers plans.
4 However, hosting on Blogger is Free of cost but you do not need to worry about the speed of your blog and how much is traffic comes to your blog. Google’s servers easily handle all tasks. Here you need to choose different hosting plans according to your website and blog’s requirement.

However, the speed of the website/Blog depends on many factors, but the hosting server is one of the main factors.

Good Hosting provides better Speed and performance for your blog/website.


5 Here only one hosting serve is (Provided by Google) present on Blogger where you can run your blogs easily. On WordPress, to host a website or blog, there are many options available, such as Shared hosting plans, WordPress hosting, Cloud hosting, Dedicated servers, etc.

You can choose the required hosting according to your blog or website.

For example, in the beginning, if you have a small blog or website you can start with shared hosting plans then, after some time when your blog or website starts growing up to grow, you can go with further hosting plans.

If you have a high volume of traffic on your website or blog then, you need a good hosting plan that can handle the traffic easily.

For example, if you have a news website, and there are chances of coming a high volume of traffic in a day or a specific time then, in this case, shared hosting could not handle this traffic, and your website can be crashed at that time. 

Here if it happens then you can not get the benefits of such high volume traffic and this can impact your overall revenue.


6 Don’t worry about the prices of the hosting plans or their cost. To Host WordPress, the cost of these hosting plans is different for different hosting providers, such as shared hosting plans that have the lowest price.

Then if you choose to upgrade your hosting plan, such as an upgrade to cloud hosting or VPS hosting plans, etc then, you need to pay more money for these plans and offers.

Also, the package and offers may vary from one hosting company to another company.

7 On Blogger at some places or in situations, you may need knowledge of HTML coding, etc for doing some tasks, such as theme customization, Pasting different codes with other HTML codes, etc things. On WordPress, you do not need any coding Language in most cases, because on WordPress you can manage anything with the help of preloaded plugins or if you need any such plugin then, you may download it from inside WordPress. 
8 Limited resources are available on Blogger On WordPress, you can do any things with the help of paid plugins and other services.
9 On-Page SEO is not as Good as on WordPress. On WordPress, you can do better On-Page SEO for your blog or website with the help of SEO plugins, such as Yoast SEO Plugin.
10 Monetization opportunities can take a long time to be enabled. You have to be patient with this. On WordPress, you can monetize your Blog or website early as compared to Blogger. You can apply for Google Adsense after 30 to 40 days, and can easily get Approval just after completing some steps.
11 You can not do more experiments on Blogger You can do many experiments on WordPress to managed or change your content/Niche (As because different customization settings are available on Worpress). 

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Of course Yes, Blogger is a great platform for those who have some financial problems, or if you want to learn or do experiments to make a new blog without any cost. But in today’s world access to WordPress or manage WordPress is also available at a very low price. 

Also, if you have a custom domain on Blogger then, it would always help you in the future because you can import all content from Blogger to WordPress, whenever you want to shift From Blogger to WordPress.

With the use of a custom domain, you have to pay a very small amount for a year. This is Because if you create a blog with subdomain and in the future, you want to remove the subdomain and want to purchase a custom domain, it may or may not be available.

For example, you had started with on blogger, and after some time you want to remove the subdomain (Menas removing But, it’s not guaranteed that whether or other extensions are available or not for purchasing.

That’s why using a Custom Domain is an intelligent thing. I would suggest you go with WordPress when you are ready to invest some money after you get sufficient knowledge of blogging.

But, basic knowledge of blogging is compulsory before starting a blog whether on Blogger or WordPress. On the other hand, you can do experiments with Blogger as it’s free and can test yourself on the benchmarks of blogging, to test whether you are able to do blogging or not. But, never waste your father’s hard work income on blogging if you don’t know anything about it. 

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