How to Write a Professional Blog Post in Blogger to rank high in Google?

How to Write a Professional Blog Post in Blogger to rank high in Google?
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When a new blog is created on blogger sometimes many people don’t know how to Write a Professional Blog Post in Blogger to rank high in Google? There are many ranking factors that I observed during learning blogging.

Here I will share those factors with you and also share my experiences too.

If you are a beginner in the field of blogging and you want to become a good blogger (I am Still Not) always remember One thing and that is consistency.

Before looking for a good post you have to prepare yourself to be a blogger in the future on a regular basis.

If you love to write and also you love your content (niche), then write a good post on Blogger or anywhere else is not as tough as you think in the beginning.

Although I am not an SEO (Search engine optimization) expert, but on the basis of my experiences, I would tell you how to write a well-stuffed blog post.


Write a 100% SEO friendly Post in Blogger or anywhere else is not 100% guaranty that it will come at Google’s first page or Rank Ist in search results.

There are some factors that affect SEO-ranking like Off-page SEO, On-page SEO, and the most important is KEYWORD, that you choose.


How to Write a Professional Blog Post in Blogger?

How to Write a Professional Blog Post in Blogger to rank high in Google?
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Click on posts section in Blogger and choose to create a post.

First of all, always try to write an SEO friendly and user-friendly post.

If you only looking from the perspective of SEO optimization and not for the user’s point of view than this is not so Good.

First of all, The Title is comes and you should try to write an attractive title or something which encourages visitors to click on your post.How to Write a Professional Blog Post in Blogger to rank high in Google?

For many of the themes, the title is also the first heading of your article, so you can start with a heading number 2. After writing some lines or a paragraph. 

The most important part of writing a blog post or any type of article in a blogging career is The KEYWORD. This is the backbone of your blog post and of-course keywords are also a backbone for your entire blog or website.

How to Write a Professional Blog Post in Blogger to rank high in Google?

Therefore, first of all, you select a keyword for your blog post and add it to your blog post title, paragraph, headings, search description, or wherever into the blog post you want.

For A Good SEO-friendly article or blog post, adding the keyword into above mention places is a very important task.

Keyword research for how to write a Professional Blog Post?

Before adding a keyword you should do keyword research. The keyword research decides the total traffic as well as your blog quality and future goals.

If you choose a good keyword for your blog, you get more traffic, and then on this traffic, you can earn money by placing ads on your blog or website.

More traffic = More earnings

Earnings depend on what type of ads-network you choose and what type of content you provide.

After adding the keyword in your blog post’s title you should add the keyword into the first paragraph of your blog post.

Then write the second and third paragraphs.

Always write two or three lines sentences and then press enter and make space amongst the lines.

(This is not mandatory but from the reading perspective, you can use this type of writing skill for your paragraph. It’s your choice how to write a paragraph).

If needed use headings after writing paragraphs then always try to add your keyword into your headings.

In the Search description, you should also add your keyword. This will also increase your blog post’s SEO score.

You can add images or video into your blog post. Images and videos are very very important for your blog post.

How to Write a Professional Blog Post in Blogger to rank high in Google?
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Images and videos engage visitors and increase the possibilities due to which visitors spent more time on your blog. This will decrease your bounce rate.

With the help of images and videos, you can explain thousands of meaning at a single source. Good and relevant images or videos maintain user’s interest in your blog post.How to Write a Professional Blog Post in Blogger to rank high in Google?

But, you must optimize your images like adding your keyword in the alt text and size of your to add keyword in images in blogger

Size can be managed with the help of Adobe Photoshop and some other photo editing software.

You can do many things like insert table into your blog post, insert jump break, insert or edit links, insert a special character, change fonts size, font color, text background color, and many other things.

How to Write a Professional Blog Post in Blogger, check the last segment?

In the last segment of the blog post mention the external sources and linked as an outbound link which you use in your blog post from any external sources.

Also, insert relevant internal links into your blog post.How to Write a Professional Blog Post in Blogger to rank high in Google?

But, this is not necessary that you insert outbound or internal links at the last of your blog post, you can use both of these at anywhere, in between from the first line to the last one.

Please ensure that you use internal links into your blog post. This is because this provides you internal backlinks for your blog or website, which is very to insert links in blogger

At last please ensure that you used your keyword into all possible places.

The length of your blog post (No. of Words count) can also be a factor that can affect your SEO ranking. Here I will not suggest any word length for your blog post.

For this, you can analyze others’ blog post word count. For example, you wrote a 400-word blog post, and for the same keyword, many other blog posts have 400 to 2000 words.

Then it may be possible that a 2000-words post rank in high position than your 400-word-count post.

But, it’s not guaranteed that after writing a 2000 words post can rank you higher.

This is because many other factors arise here which are responsible for high post ranking. For example, Numbers of backlinks on that post or quality of backlinks, domain authority, page authority, etc.

Even you see many blog posts that have only 200 to 300 words and these are rank in high than 2000 to 3000 words posts. So, there are many factors which will you learn in your blogging career day by day.

Finishing the blog post

First, you have to create labels according to your niches and content. Pick a label for your blog post. Labels are like categories for your to add labels in blogger?

For example, you write a post on how to install a window 10 in your pc, then you can create a label named Window/Computer or whatever be you want.

After then you can choose this label again and again for your future posts.

For publishing your post you can schedule it or publish it just after to schedule post on blogger?

You can save your blog post as a draft if it is not complete and you can anytime edit it, and publish it anytime, whenever you want.

Also, there is an HTML view option for your blog post before publishing to view html on blogger post?

Before publishing a blog post you may take a preview of that post and then publish it.

That’s it.

Wait for indexing your blog post on different search engines like Google search engine, Bing search engine, etc.

After indexing, you will get organic traffic on your blog post and your blog too.

Conclusion: According to me the quality of content is the most important part of your blog. Quality of content decides whether your post is able to perform well at different parameters. So, keep maintaining the quality of content and the regularity too.

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