Online Study in India during Lockdown is Good or Not?

Online Study in India during Lockdown is Good or Not?

When I saw that, this coronavirus pandemic is going deep inside the human’s life. The steps by the Indian government and the education system took on behalf of this pandemic that we should focus on online learning programs in India. A question is arises in my mind that is “Online Study in India during Lockdown is Good or Not?“.

Indian should remember that India is a developing country and, has a population greater than all other countries in the world, except China.

If any decision is taken by the government is affects millions of people in India. In the same way, During these days the online learning programs in India are going to establish.

Here what I am saying is that online learning through smartphone phones, computers and, some other devices or techniques will affect millions of students in India and their family too.

Many schools, institutes, academies, colleges, universities, etc are providing online learning. This is good but, during this coronavirus pandemic, they using smartphone apps for online classes through smartphones.

Online Study in India during Lockdown is Good or Not?

Online Study in India during Lockdown is Good or Not?
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Here I will discuss the points that correlate with all students and their problems regarding this idea or scheme.

1 In India a big population is under the poverty line, many others are not as medium-class standards. For this type of family online learning is not easy under senior secondary, secondary even under the 10th level.

2 These types of families do not afford the cost of a smartphone or even an internet connection. If in that type of family has many children like 3 or 4 the problem is quite big for them.

Let us assume that in 2020 every family has a smartphone or even more. But, in rural areas, the connectivity is not as good as in urban areas. If any student wants to study online through any apps or any other video platform the internet speed should be high.

Also, create an environment for online studies in India for all families will not easy or as usual.

5 (a) In the past few days, it is seen that when a child is under 6th class or even 8th, I mean to say that any a child who is not aware of cybersecurity and cybercrime the risk of online fraud increases.

(b) If you give your smartphone to your children and then they forward your personal details or even official, such as your bank details or your documents details unknowingly to somewhere on the internet.

(c)This could put you in serious trouble. The cybercrime increases day by day in the whole world. This could be also an problem for children.

Online Study in India during Lockdown, Next points

Online Study in India during Lockdown is Good or Not?
Photo by stem.T4L on Unsplash

6 If a family has only one smartphone, for example, your father has a smartphone and he goes to work.

In this condition how would a child study online and also the father does not afford another smartphone, or also there is a question arises that what should be the right age for a smartphone in human life in 2020.

7 Children’s health may be affected, as no outside movement happening during the lockdown, such as playing outside, running, walking, etc.

Then only stayed at home and all-day TV, then study on mobile, can affect a child mentally and physically.

Many studies show up that too much-watching of tv and the mobile screen is not good for children.

There are many other problems which are exits in small or middle age children cases. 

Conclusion: For the overall growth of online learning or studies in India for primary to senior secondary students, we have to do develop a suitable environment and required necessary things.

But, even after all these steps, there will be present always many things which arising consequently in this process in India.

According to me, online learning is a good platform for many educational ways, but not for all types of level in the education system.

Books are at its place and online learning is at its. 

Disclaimer: All thoughts and points are personal ideas, you may take a look at all and take your own decision.

The author is not responsible for, because it’s your life. 

Thank you for Reading & Keep supporting Us!

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