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In 2020 Top 5 Best Part-time jobs for College Students

In 2020 if you are making money and continued your study than that nothing is good to this. This is because while in college students can have lots of expenses and if the students handle these by any type of part-time job, then many students face low financial problems in their life.
In some cases, it is seen that many students face financial problems when they are in college. For this, they want to earn some money in the form of a job and other types of works, then they search for a part-time job which suits them. In this article, I choose the top 5 part-time jobs for college students.

These Top 5 Best-Part time jobs for college students

  1. Online jobs
  2. Local Business jobs
  3. Tutor or teaching jobs
  4. For other’s company or ferms jobs
  5. Personal care jobs

Online Jobs

Online jobs mean, the job that you can on the internet. Online jobs are both very easy and hard too. But, the best thing during many online jobs is that you free to work at home. You can easily manage these types of jobs only with a smartphone or pc and laptop. After going with these types of work as a part-time job, you can make good money. Okay, let us discuss these types of online work,

Examples of online jobs for college students

  1. Your own website or Blog
  2. YouTube channels
  3. Social media specialists
  4. Content writer on other Websites or Blogs
  5. As a programmer or developer
  6. As a graphics designer
  7. Managing other’s social media platforms

Your own website or Blog

best part time jobs for college students
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If you are passionate about something or if you think you are very good at any topic, then you can start your own business by starting a blog or website. You can become a blogger, give services and sell other’s products, etc. You can make good money from blogging as well as earn very good money in the form of commission, such as affiliate marketing.

In blogging, you can monetize your content by some of the ads networks, such as Google AdSense, etc. After college, you can take these work as career opportunities and full-time business. Choose a niche and start a blog or website and start posting content regularly. As a blogger, You can earn 100 $ to 1, 00, 000 $ or more, money through website or blogs per month.

YouTube channels

As you know how much nowadays a YouTuber can make money after monetization. On Youtube, you can start a channel on whatever be your choice the niche or topic and after complete some eligible parameters to enable the monetization tab, you can easily monetize your videos and earn good money.

How much earn from youtube is typically depends on many factors, such as location, niche or the topics you have chosen, how many subscribers you have and how many views you have gain per month through youtube videos. As a Youtuber, you can earn 100 $ to 1, 00, 000 $ or more, money through youtube videos per month.

Social media specialists

Social media has a great power or still have more abilities if you want to grow or show your skills at famous platforms. You can monetize your Facebook uploaded videos or monetize your blog/website article through Facebook instant article monetizing schemes.

You can start an Instagram account and after getting enough followers, you can make money through promotional schemes or review units at your Instagram account. You can promote other products or services on your Instagram account and get paid charges.

Make a page or Facebook group you can easily sell it to the required one at Facebook and you get wages on the behalf of this. Similarly, you can sell or promote your products or services on different platforms like Twitter, Pinterest, even Reddit or B2B business likes on LinkedIn, etc. You can earn 100 $ to 1000 $ or more through social media platforms

As a programmer or developer

best part time jobs for college students
Photo by KOBU Agency on Unsplash

If you have knowledge of programming and you can develop apps or other types of software, web developments and many others then definitely are might earn good money from these types of works or activities.

If you have understood programming languages or only handle 1 or 2 languages, such as basic programming and then only PHP very well then you can start web development and can make websites or blogs for others which are based on PHP programming language, then get paid charges from your clients.

If you have very well knowledge of programming languages then start developing apps for Google play store or apple store, etc and you will get a very good amount of money through these apps after monetizing these, such as Google AdMob programs. You can sell software or other applications directly to the user who needs it and you will get money for this. As a programmer or developer, you can earn 100 $ to 50,000 $ or even more.

As a graphics designer

If you have knowledge of drawing and can paint even on canvas, also can create good work in the form of different designs in adobe Photoshop, adobe flash, and illustrator, then differently you may get many part-time jobs on the basis of this talents. You can work at different graphic designing websites or blogs as a part-time job and earn wages.

You can start your own graphic design shop part-time and show your talent to people and add money from this work to your pocket. You can work for different companies and local businesses to polish your skills. As a graphic designer, you can earn 100 $ to 25, 000 $ or even more.

Managing other’s social media platforms

To prevent spams and other unusual activities on social media and on other platforms, some companies and businesses or even some people need a manager, who can manage schedule posting on the social media account as well as some other platform.

In this job, one can manage schedule posts or shares content on different platforms for others at different regular intervals of time, to drive businesses or something else, such as managing posts on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Instagram, etc. You may use different tools for this. You can earn 100 $ to 1000 $ or even more. 

Local Business jobs

best part time jobs for college students
Photo by Alexander London on Unsplash

You can start many local businesses as a part-time job and manage your study and work together, for both Study + Earnings. You can start with any type of small shop even you can job at a shopping mall or other like restaurants, etc.

  1. Serving tea, coffee, and snacks at restaurants and can also work as a Barista in different coffee shops or bars.
  2. Even in a barbershop, you can earn a good amount of money with your college study.
  3. If you know driving and also have a license then you may try different drivers job and can give local services to local peoples, schools’ teachers, college or university staff, office employees, and many others.
  4. You can work at the different mechanic shops such as a motor garage, plumber, carpenter, electrician, etc. While working on these jobs you have two benefits, first, you learn the relevant skills of that work and you can earn wages as a part-time job.
  5. Event planning for other people is also a good part-time job if you can handle this with your studies.
  6. You can work in different shops or other malls as a cashier after your college time.
  7. If you have good skills in capturing photos then you can job in local newspapers or news channels and earn money.
  8. If available, then you can get work in local factories or ferms and earn wages on behalf of this.
  9. If you are in villages then you can start with dairy products or can supply food products such as vegetables, fruits, grains, etc if you have some land for agriculture.

You can find even more jobs at your local places, depending on your local facilities, the living standard of society and many other factors. From this, You can earn 100 $ to 1000 $ or even more, depending on the types of job you have. 

Tutor or teaching jobs

best part time jobs for college students
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  1. The tutor or the teaching jobs are in both categories, Online as well as offline jobs.
    You can run online classes on the various tutor or teaching platform, where you can work as a member or individual teaching faculties as a part-time job.
  2. You can start to give teaching offline to students even small children as a tuition teacher of your street or area.
    If you have knowledge of any topic you may teach anyone who required.
  3. If you have knowledge of dancing, singing, acting, etc, you can start your own academy or institute, where you teach others this.
  4. You can start with a youtube channel on which you can post videos related to any relevant topic whom you interested to teach.
    You may become a personal tutor. As a tutor or a teacher, You can earn 100 $ to 10,000 $ or even more.

For other’s company or ferms jobs

  1. You can be a brand ambassador for many products or businesses. Promoting other businesses or the company’s products at your level or like a sales representative you can earn good money.
  2. You could try to find out data entry jobs in various companies as a part-time job.
  3. If you are famous on social media or any other platform then you may earn in the form of review units or promotional paid charges, those you promote on your platform.
  4. You could find a bank teller job in many banks, where you handle or count money in the form of cash for the bank.
  5. A part-time consultant is also a very good job if you are very good at any relevant field or particle topic. In this job you give advice as well as share your knowledge to fulfill customer’s needs. You can charge in the form of your consultancy fees per hour or in any applicable ways.
  6. You can work as a security guard or a night watchman for companies as well as homes.
    You can work as a part-time peon or process server in offices or somewhere else where these jobs re available.
  7. Work as a part-time receptionist, desk clerk, receive phone calls, and library assistant, etc are the job which could give you good money.

From these jobs, You can earn 100 $ to 10,000 $ or even more.

Personal care jobs

best part time jobs for college students
Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

To care for someone individually or professionally can also be a good part-time job for you. There are many part-time jobs available in which you can involve to give services to take care of people at home and also in other locations. some of the jobs are,

  1. Personal security guard
  2. Personal secretary (male or female)
  3. Servents at various places
  4. Personal driver
  5. Personal fitness trainer
  6. Animals care or maintenance
  7. Beauty parlor
  8. Lifeguard
  9. Personal catering staff
  10. Rental house or home-sharing
  11. Maintenance jobs

Personal security guard

Some famous, rich as well as celebrities, and business tycoons require a security environment in which they can work, enjoy life inside or outside locations. For this purpose, they hire bouncers or personal security guards and paid them a good amount of money. If you are physically fit and are like a big macho man, you can join any company which provides security services to their clients. You can earn 100 $ to 10,000 $ or even more.

Personal secretary (male or female)

In offices, companies, as well as local services, require personal secretary in both categories of male or female. If you have good communication skills, elegant behavior, and skills relevant to businesses you follow up then you can found a good part-time job. You can earn 100 $ to 1000 $ or even more.

Servents at various places

Servents in home, offices, institutes, academics, as well as at local shops good and honest servants required always. A part-time servant’s job does not require more educational records, only you have some basic knowledge or skills of routine works at home, offices, etc such as making good food, room cleaning, gardening, housekeeping, etc. This can be a very good part-time job for a college student, and they can earn 100 $ to 1000 $ or even more.

Personal driver

Some people required a personal driver to take him or others to their destination. If you have driving knowledge as well as a driving license then many job opportunities are waiting for you. You just find them only. Personal driver to pick up children from schools, dropping office employees from job sites to their destinations, etc. You can earn 100 $ to 10,000 $ or even more.

Personal fitness trainer

Fitness is a major topic that is nowadays or in the future would go high and create job opportunities in many fields. A personal fitness trainer or any Yoga teacher job has good potential to earn money in the form of wages. This is because our overall lifestyle or unhealthy food consumption makes us fat, overweight, and in many cases, it is seen that some people facing low weight problems and they want to gain healthy weight into their bodies.

For these all types of problems whether you want to gain weight or lose weight, you need suitable and perfect exercises to achieve those goals, and a fitness trainer can help you a lot. You can become a yoga teacher after learning short yoga courses and can work as a yoga teacher or fitness trainer too. Be fit healthy, be fit and enjoy life. As a fitness trainer or yoga guru, you can earn 100 $ to 10,000 $ or even more, as a part-time job.

Animals care or maintenance jobs

If you are living in village areas then you can work in the dairy farms, where you take care of animals or products related to animals and their maintenance, such as how to milk our from animals, their waste product maintenance, feeding them grass, cleaning of animals, etc. The Diary industry is a growing industry and you can earn good wages as a part-time job. You can earn 100 $ to 10,000 $ or even more.

Beauty parlor

You can start your own beauty salon and earn good money as a part-time job. If you provide customers good service then your sale becomes high, even if you work for a short period of time. But, you required for this job a little experience or have completed a short course, as qualification certificates or valid documents. This will increase your impression on clients and overall grow your business, whether it is a part-time job for you. You can earn 100 $ to 10,000 $ or even more.

Lifeguard or swimming trainer

Part-time lifeguard or swimming trainer jobs in hotels, schools, fun parks, and at many places can give you good earning with the study. This will also polish your overall swimming skills. You can earn 100 $ to 10,000 $ or even more.

Personal catering staff

A local food agency or a food organizing company have their own selected and talented staff member into the team of catering staff. In this profession, one can do many works at the same time or during an interval of time.

These agencies or catering services provide their services in marriages, offices function, schools, and many other events. As you know in any marriage the quality of food matters a lot and depends on the catering staff. This can be a good part-time job for a college student. You can earn 100 $ to 10,000 $ or even more.

Rental house or home-sharing

You can give your house or any other room at rent if you are living in a big house. If you provide good facilities for your clients such as food, electricity, wifi, etc then definitely you can get a good amount of money without doing any part-time job or you can do to double your part-time income. You can earn 100 $ to 1000 $ or even more.

Thoughts: I collected this data on the basis of my life experiences, locations, people, and many other factors. I did not give you a guarantee that all these jobs, you can get easily, instead of this you will work hard to find out these jobs and maybe you will be eligible only for few jobs only.

But, you should try to find out these part-time jobs, if your financial condition is not as good or you want to do a part-time job with your studies. If you can manage your studies then nowadays you can do a part-time job, or it’s not a bad choice.

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