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How to Keep Phone Screen Clean? Tips and Ideas

In today’s busy life everyone faces this problem and also this question that is “How to keep Phone screen clean?” As we can understand how much mobile phones are important in our daily life. A mobile phone from 1.8 inches of display to 12.9 inches (Apple iPad Pro 2020) tab, the screen cleaning is a very tough task to maintain the overall experience through the display.

If a mobile phone screen is not clean or if you are not maintenance or keep it to the safe side then, the first impression goes is become the wrong impression.

It also affects the overall user experience whether it is a small display or a large display. In this article, we gonna share some tips and ideas to keep your phone’s screen clean. 

Note: Here we only discuss how to keep your phone screen clean (precautions only), and not about how to clean the phone screen.

These tips and ideas are for all phones, whether it is android, a small VGA display phone, iPhones, Windows, and all other operating systems. This is because the maintenance of display is a common task for all types of mobile phones.  Let us see those tips and ideas, 

How to keep Phone screen clean? indoor

In indoor situations keep the mobile phone’s display clean is totally depends on our habits and activities.

Never use a mobile phone while eating

If you have this habit then, we have a question for you, how would your phone screen clean while eating. Due to this habit, your phone’s screen could be oily and sticky.

And these oil particles, food particles, sticky touches, etc, etc depend on what type of food items you eat at that time. Therefore, never use your mobile phone while you eating.

And the first thing is keep your phone away from food items while eating something. Also always give more & more preference to eating while eating. Feel all the flavors of food during eating, as per Ayurveda it helps to extract essential elements from the food (If we only concentrate on eating).  

Giving your phone to small children or babies.

How to keep Phone screen clean?
Photo by Charles Deluvio on Unsplash

This is also very bad from a screen cleaning point of view, even it is overall not good for small children or babies. As you know what can do a baby or small child with your smartphones. They are nothing to do so and the phone is only like a toy for them.

They can break the display, threw it into the water, spread the food on the mobile phone’s display even on the complete phone body, if you did not lock your phone they can open anything on your phone, etc, etc.

Whenever any baby or small child holds a phone, they treat it like a toy for them. And one of the main reasons that you should keep the phone away from them is they try to eat it and keep it always in their mouth, which is very harmful to the baby/small children. Therefore keep your phone away from babies or small children.

Never use your phone inside the toilet or bathroom

This can spread more bacteria on your mobile and also not good for the phone’s screen. Accidentally your phone may fall down in water or in the toilet too, and if it happens in the case of the toilet then, you know what will be the situation.

Also, the surface of the bathroom or toilet not only damages your phone’s display even it can damage your mobiles’ hardware parts (If water enters inside the phone parts). Some other reasons that you should not use your phone inside the bathroom or toiler are, 

For example, on winter days when you take a hot water bath then, water vapor inside the bathroom can also be settle on your phone’s screen. These small drops of water can be mixed with dust or if already dust particles are there on your mobile phone’s screen then, it makes dusty spots on the screen.

Do not touch mobile screen or mobile body with oily or sticky hands

This can spread oil or sticky particles on the whole screen of your phone and when some water or dust particle hits the screen then, this makes the overall screen unclean. Oily and sticky particles are overall not good for your mobile phone’s complete body. 

Keep away your mobile screen if you paint something

Whenever you stand around paint sites then, the very tiny particle of paint can be settle on your mobile’s screen, and sometimes after dry, removal of these paint particles from the screen is very hard.

Therefore, always maintain a safe area for your phone/laptops and other screen devices on these painting sites.

Try to not use the phone-screen inside Kitchen

How to keep Phone screen clean?
Photo by Jason Briscoe on Unsplash

As you all know inside the kitchen we make food items, therefore, in this environment, there are lots of possibilities that our phone’s screen remain not clean if we use the phone inside the kitchen.

Inside the kitchen, there are water vapors, oily, and sticky food particles that can fall on your phone’s screen while making food.

If your hands in contact with spices then, this can also make the screen spicy, and if you touch your phone’s screen these spices can be in contact with your eyes which is not good for eyes, and there are many other things that can happen in the kitchen if you use your phone during making food.

Phone inside the kitchen is not a good deal for both your phone as well as your food. This is because in a study it comes to hear that a phone screen has more bacteria than a toilet seat.

Do not put the mobile phone in the dusty environment

If you keep your phone for a long time in a dusty environment, this can also make your phone’s screen muddy and unclean.

Dust is often not good for electronic items whether it is a mobile phone or tv, laptop, tablets, etc, etc.

The dust is also very bad for the mobile phone’s speaker, microphones, audio jacks, etc and the phone can perform malfunction tasks due to dust particles.

Keep away the mobile phone from animals

Yes, animals can break the phone screen, scratch the screen, even they can chew the display, etc. This is also good for both animals and the phone’s owner. 

How to keep Phone screen clean? Outdoor

Many of the habits you have and the all-day activities are sometimes similar to the indoor ones. So, keep in mind the above tips to keep clean your phone screen. 

Some of the very common mistakes by any mobile phone user are, 

  1. Use of phones by dirty and contaminated hands.
  2. If the environment is dusty or moisture. 
  3. Using a phone after touching lots of things, for example, while traveling, immediate after a bathroom or toilet use, etc, etc (We add this line due to the present pandemic situation around us).  
  4. Keep your phone screen away if you are working at some industrial sites, for example, Chemical factory, welding sites, grinding area, etc. 
How to keep my Phone Screen from getting Greasy?

According to me the most common reasons, why your phone screen getting greasy are,

  1. If you touch your phone’s screen with oily hands. 
  2. Your phone’s screen in contact with the sweated face. 
  3. Some people use the phone above the ear during calling, due to this, the phone’s screen comes in contact with our hairs If we apply oil on hairs. This is also a reason for the greasy phone screen. Therefore, hold your phone on your ear during any call, and not on your hair.

Conclusion: Make it a habit to avoid these activities and after then you can do all these things to maintain a good and clean phone’s screen (it depends on you).

The clean display is a very important factor from the point of view of looking experience in all phones. 

The display which is clean and clear gives you an overall very good experience of visual tasks on the phone. 

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