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9 causes & solutions of Why is my Phone Hot and Losing battery while Charging, Gaming, Hotspot, etc?

In today’s technologies and advanced feathers, that we use in our daily life through a smartphone, is not easy like eating a bowl of rice with curry or something else. I think with these new advanced technologies, there are some few questions that are a headache for many people in different streams, such as, for a smartphone user, Why is my Phone Hot and Losing battery while Charging, Gaming, Hotspot, video streaming, HD video recording, share the screen at a wifi network, etc, etc.

Here we will talk on this topic and find the solutions and causes behind smartphone heating during many tasks.

Power consumption by any smartphone whether it’s an Android, iPhone, windows, etc are played a major role if we see from the perspective of user’s experience with any such devices.

But first, let us talk about the causes of smartphone heating.

9 Causes of why is my Phone Hot and Losing battery

  1. Battery quality and phone’s build material.
  2. Failure or any malfunction of hardware.
  3. Charging problems.
  4. Display power consumption.
  5. Bad network problems.
  6. Outdated phone’s software.
  7. Outdated apps and Background apps.
  8. Malware attacks.
  9. A lack of optimal Settings and irresponsible behavior of the user.

But, before we go further, let me explain to you something logical, and that is, the principle behind the smartphone heating problems.

The heat cause in a wire is due to the flow of the electron through the circuit.

The more the electron flow inside the wire (in smartphones the tiny circuitry), the more is the collision among the electrons and causes the production of heat in the wire or circuitry.

Let’s take into account this principle, and explain those ways in detail of causing heat or overheating smartphones.

The average temperature range inside any phone can reach around 37°C to 43°C

Cause1 The Battery quality. 

Why is my Phone Hot and Losing battery
Image by Pixabay

Yes, the quality of battery after a period of time can be less optimal and can perform less work, during charging and discharging.

But, when the battery faces any technical issues (by various reasons), then it may produce an unwanted amount of heat, and the phone starts heating from its back panel.

Phone’s build material.

Some mobile phones are of metallic body and some are of the plastic body. Those phones which are made of the metallic body like aluminum etc, show more heating effect as compared to the plastic one.

This is because the Metallic body provides a good heat conductor for the phone’s internal heat.

The heat is removed by the phone through the metallic body.

Also, I think metallic body phones are cooled earlier and warm earlier than plastic body phones.

Because plastic is a heat insulator.

Cause2 Failure or any malfunction of hardware.

If the phone’s hardware shows any issues then that can be also a reason for the phone heating. This type of problem is sometimes may appear or not.

Cause3 The Charging problems.

Why is my Phone Hot and Losing battery
Photo by ready made from Pexels

The charging problem is also a factor that can cause the phone to heat up. Bad charger or the charging cable can cause a low amount of voltage transfer inside the battery and phone’s circuitry.

If the charger is not good or of required quality with a charging cable, then the phone heat up from its bottom or where the charging slot exits.

Bad voltage can cause battery malfunction after a time period, and later this can be also produced unwanted heat.

Cause4 The Display power consumptions. 

This factor can be a major reason for your phone’s heating problem. This is because the display is the most important part of any phone in the world.

In Touch screen mobiles, Almost every task in the phone needs a display to input data.

Here I mean to say that the major work is performed through the display or on the display.

For example, watching videos, playing offline or online games, recording videos, video calling, etc.

If these tasks performed on HD quality of higher-level graphics interfaces, this needs more CPU power, and GPU also, and this causes more electron flow inside the circuitry and causes heating inside the phone.

Cause5 Bad network problems.

Why is my Phone Hot and Losing battery
Photo by Mika Baumeister on Unsplash

Yes, the network plays a vital role in any phone. Without a good network, you can not do any such tasks like calling (Audio, video), Browse internet, live videos, streaming content on the internet, download a file, etc, etc.

Okay, let us see, why is my phone hot and losing battery in terms of a network. 

A bad network affects your phone’s overall behavior as well as it’s hardware too.

If you using the internet on bad network signals, then you will see that the content takes a long time to load, and it will put your phone on heat.

Sometimes, if you want to video chat or goes live with low strength connectivity, then you observe that your phone is heating after some time.

I personally observed these network problems, and then the phone’s heating effect too due to this.

Cause6 Outdated phone’s software.

Outdated Software sometimes may be a reason for smartphone glitches and other technical issues. These issues after a time period can create a heating effect on your phone.

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Cause7 Outdated apps and Background apps

In today’s world whenever you come in the column of apps update, you will often see many of your apps need updates.

But, the twist is that if your device not supported such latest updates and also your device not showing updates, then it does not mean that, there are no latest updates.

If you were using old versions of that apps, or if you have the latest one, but on other high-end devices more updated versions are running, and your system runs on the old update, then it can faces load to handle all those tasks, which are easily running on the latest devices.

This load sometimes can be a reason for smartphone heating.

Background Running apps

Some of the apps on your smartphone, are always run in the background. This is also a reason for your phone heating problem.

Cause8 Malware attacks.

Why is my Phone Hot and Losing battery
Photo by Nahel Abdul Hadi on Unsplash

If you thought that you are protected and can save 100% your phone from cybercrime, then definitely you are wrong.

Even with the use of antivirus apps on your smartphone.

As you know a malware or those such files which are not good for any device, whether it is a computer or smartphone, are the sets of unwanted instruction, or program file, coding, etc.

These files are in an unarranged pattern of coding and only made to cybercrime or other illegal offense.

If any such file affects your phone, in any form, then your phone can be used by a third party person, without your knowledge.

For example, usage of CPU power for cryptocurrency like offenses.

This type of unwanted power usage leads to the issues of smartphone heating.

Cause9 A lack of optimal Settings and irresponsible behavior of the user.

  1. If you take our phone in direct sunlight or uses it for a while in direct sunlight,  then definitely your phone warm and show a heating problem. 
  2. Using more live wallpaper or widgets on your phone screen may lead to the phone heat-ups problems.
  3. Switching turn-on always some settings like Bluetooth, Locations, hotspot, wifi, etc are causes of smartphone heating.
  4. Sudden temperature changes can also be a cause of the phone’s heating.
  5. If any type of moisture present on the phone’s internal parts (hardware) then, this could also become a reason for the phone’s heating.

9 Solutions of Why is my Phone Hot and Losing battery

Why is my Phone Hot and Losing battery
Modified, Photo by Viktor Talashuk on Unsplash

Here I will discuss those 9 solutions which would help you to maintain a good smartphone battery backup, and overcome some of the heating problems.

Solution1 Always use the phone’s original charger (which comes along with the phone) with the original charging cable.

If the original charger or its adapter stops working, then you must use a good quality charger or adaptor, also, with a similar quality charging cable.

Solution2 Never operate the phone, for a long time, in the hot environment, or in direct sunlight.

For example, If you are shooting a video in summer days, then your phone heat more as compared to winter days.

Also, Never put the phone on charging, in the same environmental conditions, that I discuss above.

If your phone supports fast charging or any kind of turbocharging, and it heats during charging.

Then, you should charge your phone in small frequent time intervals.

Such as, you can charge your smartphone till complete 40% and then plug out or stop charging for 10 minutes, and again charge it till full battery level.

If your phone gets more heating during charging, then your can increase these charging intervals, like the first interval at 30% and the 2nd one at 60%, and then you can fully charge your phone’s battery with or without the third interval.

You should avoid your phone’s cover or phone cases while charging, especially in very hot summer days or if there are exists some warm or very hot environments, and if your phone heating up again and again.

Why is my Phone Hot and Losing battery
Modified, Photo by William Hook on Unsplash

Solution3 Keep your smartphone’s apps up to date. You can also update your phone’s software if it’s available.

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Solution4 Keep an eye on running apps in the background. Some of the apps always run in the background.

You can stop these apps or restrict background data usage or background running apps.

Solutions5 If your smartphone is not waterproof, then always prevent your smartphone from the water, and never let reach moisture on its hardware parts.

Solution6 If you are use video streaming, playing heavy games, doing live sessions, video calls, hotspots on, video recording (HD or Non-HD), etc for a long time, then, please let your phone breathe for some time, by keeping it aside.

This can prevent your phone from a heating effect.

Solutions7 Always care of your network strength.

If you are facing network-related problems, such as slow data usage, interrupted video or audio call, during playing online games, video streaming, etc, then you should avoid these tasks, if possible.

Solution8 Never using turn on always, Bluetooth, Locations, wifi, hotspot, etc for a long time. use only if you need these.

You can also adjust the brightness of your phone to prevent battery draining, with your choice of vision.

Solution9 Always be secure and far away from viruses, malware, ransomware, or other types of threats.

These threats are not only responsible for phone’s heating, while these are very very harmful, and dangerous for overall smartphone’s data (your private or other types of confidential data) or its security too.

Always be aware of cybersecurity.

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Conclusion: Smartphone heating can be a common problem, but if it exists in always, then you should aware of it, and take some sufficient steps to cool down your phone’s temperature level.

In this article, I discuss the most common causes of why is my phone hot and losing battery very fast, etc.

You can use these steps to prevent smartphone heating.

Few points are taken from

Thank you for Reading!

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