How to Create Privacy Policy page for Blogger? The blogger privacy policy

How to Create Privacy Policy page for Blogger? The blogger privacy policy
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The privacy policy page is the most important page in the category of compulsory pages on any blog/website. Here I will show you how to Create Privacy Policy page for Blogger?

Why Privacy policy page is important?

1 This is important due to many reasons such as what type of data your blog/website collects from your user like their email address, contact number, locations usage, pin code, their social media profile info for sign-in, or login-in, to show personalized ads, etc.

2 Compulsory for getting approval for Google Adsense or some other ads network. Also, if you using Google Analytics on your Blogger. 

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How to Create Privacy Policy page for Blogger? The blogger privacy policy

3 It helps users to know that the information given by them on your blog/website is safe or not, and where this information uses.

4 If someone cheats on the behalf of the terms in the privacy policy a legal action can be taken by the official authorities.

5 If you use third-party services on your blog/website, then you must clarify this on your blog/website. you will tell users whether you sell user’s data to those third-party services or not.

6 For the content policy and it uses such as is your content is available for commercial use or not, etc, etc?

7 If your blog/website uses sales and purchases of products and services then you must add terms related to payments that involve during such terms in detail.

8 Privacy Policy page gives the user a detailed view of your blog/website to understand it.

How to Create Privacy Policy page for Blogger? The blogger privacy policy

How to Create Privacy Policy page for Blogger?

There are many ways to create a blogger privacy policy page free or by purchasing the premium privacy policy services.

It depends on you what you choose a free service or premium service.

Obviously, On the premium privacy policy page, you will get some extra features and terms as compared to free.

Note: You may discuss this with those who have knowledge of this or if you have any cybersecurity support or lawyer, etc.

Okay, I will show you a free privacy policy for Blogger and give a sample privacy policy for blogger free. 

Step 1 Go to your Blogger’s dashboard and open the pages section.

Step 2 Click on create a new page and Give page title name Privacy Policy. 

Note: Here I will use a free Privacy Policy Generator to create a privacy policy page. There are many privacy policy or website policy generator websites, you can use one of them according to your choice. 

You can use:

Step 3 After fills some details on the privacy policy generator website, you will get an HTML code. 

Step 4 Copy that code and comes in blogger on the privacy policy page you want to create.

Step 5 Paste this code on the HTML view of your Blogger Page (On the privacy policy page) and publish it. 

That’s it. You successfully created a privacy policy page for your blogger.

Note: The process of fills details on the privacy policy generator website is very easy and can easily understand all terms included in it such as website name, Website URL, Email address, location, ads networks, etc. Some extra details you need to fill in premium privacy policy page creation. 

Thank you for Reading, Be secure Be safe.

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