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Youtube new update for video quality on mobile in July 2020 on a wifi connection

Here We are talking about the new Google’s update for the Youtube video quality on the mobile phone. This is about the Youtube new update for the video quality on mobile in July 2020 on a wifi connection, after a period of time. 

As you know due to the coronavirus pandemic, Youtube had stopped high-quality video streaming on its mobile platform (on the app). 

A user could see a video only in 144 pixels to 480 pixels.

But, now Youtube has done some changes to it and increase the video quality from 480 pixels to 1080 pixels. Now the user can see the video in 1080 pixels. 

But, this feature only available with a wifi connection. Without any wifi connection, one can not see the video in 1080 pixels. 

If you try to see watching videos in 1080 pixels on Youtube mobile app with a cellular network, you could not perform this task. 

Therefore, you will need a wifi connection to watch videos on youtube mobile app in HD (720p) or full HD ( 1080p). 

Why Youtube had put this update in the past?

Youtube had stopped watching videos on its mobile app in high quality in some countries, due to coronavirus pandemic. 

As you know, during the initial days on coronavirus pandemic, the whole world goes for a lockdown session for some time, and the situation still active in some countries or places.

Hence everyone must remain into the house until the lockdown period ends. For this reason, Youtube decided to reduce the quality of videos on their mobile app.

This is because due lockdown, everyone was at their houses.

People were watching youtube videos on the mobile app in a large quantity, and the load on youtube was starting going to high.

To resolve this and to reduce server load Youtube had set a fixed value for all videos.
Now you could not see any video above 480 pixels. (all countries not confirmed). 

But, now with wifi connection, you can watch videos on high resolution on youtube.

Also, there was a twist that youtube had not restricted high-quality video streaming on the computer. 

On any desktop, laptop one can have seen youtube videos in HD or above higher resolution in the past and till now. 

This was Today’s Update, Thank you!!

Stay Safe be happy!!

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