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New Apple Watch Series 6 with Blood Oxygen Monitor and ECG apps, Watchos 7

Apple launched its series 6 watches with lots of features and updates. The features in the form of pre-installed apps and hardware make me think. These new technologies make apple the top-level brand in the market of tech. Okay, let us talk about the features and specs of the Apple Watch Series 6.

Apple Watch Series 6 Specifications

  1. The apple watch series 6 release on the date of 18 September 2020.
  2. It is in 2 size variants, 40mm and 44mm, and 3 material variants, Titanium, Stainless steel, Aluminum.
  3. Always-On Retina LTPO OLED display, 448p×368p resolution for 44mm variant, and 394p×324p resolution for 40mm variant, and 326 PPI density, 1000 nits brightness.
  4. GPS+Cellular network (LTE and UMTS), wifi 802.11 b/g/n, and bluetooth 5.0, NFC.
  5. The weight of this series watches is different, such as for 40 mm variants of Titanium 34.6g, Stainless steel 39.7g, Aluminum 30.5g, and for 44mm variants, Titanium 41.3g, Stainless steel 47.1g, Aluminum 36.5g
  6. This series watches comes with an S6 SiP with a 64-bit dual-core processor, U1 chip (Ultra-wideband), the W3 chip (apple wireless chip).
  7. The colors in series 6 watches vary with different variants, such as in Titanium- Space black, natural titanium, in Stainless steel- Silver, Gold(PVD), Graphite(DLC), and in Aluminum- Gold, Silver, Blue, RED, Space gray. For detail about colors see the Official website Apple.

    Apple Watch Series 6
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  8. This series watches are water-resistant up to 50 meters. But, should not be used for the activities involving high-velocity water and more depth, such as waterskiing, scuba diving, etc.
  9. Gyroscope, Ambient light sensor, accelerometer, compass, Microphone speaker, etc.
  10. The high and low heart rate notifications, and also the irregular heart rhythm notification.
  11.  32GB internal memory with 1GB Ram.
  12. Second-generation optical heart sensor.
  13. Natural language commands and dictation.
  14. Apple Pay, and eSIM.
  15. Lithium-ion battery, and wireless charging with 1m magnetic charging cable.
  16. Apple series 6 watches are also available in color space grey and silver, in the aluminum variant with a Nike sports band.

    Apple Watch Series 6 with nike band
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  17. The international emergency calling feature only available in GPS+Cellular variants.

Apple Watch Series 6 with Blood Oxygen Monitor app

The major innovation in the history of watches of apple is created now in Apple watch series 6. YES, this new series of watches have an app that monitors your blood oxygen level. This series watches monitors and shows your blood oxygen level in the body only in 15 seconds. To fulfill this requirement Apple uses a blood oxygen monitor sensor on the back of watches in series 6.

Apple Watch Series 6 Blood Oxygen Monitor app working. 

To monitor blood O2 Apple added a new sensor that is made up of four LED clusters and four photodiodes. These four LED clusters shining lights (RED, Green, and infrared light) onto your blood vessels in the wrist. The reflected backlight is measured by the four photodiodes. Apple’s advanced algorithm then calculates the colour of your blood and shows you the blood oxygen level in your body. The apple series 6 watches completed this task in just 15 seconds.

Medical advice by Apple

Apple Watch Series 6
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Apple clearly mentions that this blood oxygen monitor app is not intended for medical purposes or self-diagnosis, and like a consultation with a doctor. This app is only designed for general health fitness and wellness purpose.

Health experts advice

Many health experts give different advice to this feature. They said this feature is helpful but, immediately reaches on a conclusion on the basis of blood O2 level is not right. This might defer from a doctor’s treatment or report. Also, this app is helpful for those who have low blood oxygen level problems or symptoms, and he or she knows about their health problems. This app’s data may or may not be accurate or maybe near to accuracy.

Also, the background blood O2 monitoring is also good to monitors or just for an idea of your blood oxygen level while you were asleep. This is especially beneficial for those who have sleep apnea symptoms. Doctors said that someone who has a history of heart failure and if saw a lower saturation level of blood oxygen during exercise, then he/she can share this data with a doctor. Anyone should not start self-treatment on the basis of just blood oxygen monitor app reading, because A doctor is always a doctor.

Reference of this info-

ECG app and working in Apple watch series 6

The ECG (Electrocardiography) monitoring app had come in apple watches with the coming of apple watch series 4. This feature is also available in apple series 6 watches. You Just tap the digital crown for 30 seconds and the ECG app will show you the data of your heart electrical signals. In this watch, the electrodes in the digital crown and the back crystal work together to complete the ECG process. This app with the help of ECG waveform data indicates signs of Atrial fibrillation (a serious form of irregular heart rhythm). At normal heart rhythm signs show (sinus rhythm).

Doctors have different advice about this ECG app’s reports or functionality. According to us, everyone has different health issues, symptoms, age, different environments, etc. Again, a doctor is always a doctor.

Apple Watch Series 6
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Conclusion: The conclusion to be taken by You audience, and the users of this series watches or the previous series watch users (Apple watch series 5, 4, 3, etc). This is because every person has their own physical, mental, and social health, and other all-day activities and interests, also on the basis of requirements too. Therefore, how many ratings would you give to this new apple series 6 watch? Give your rating in the comments, from 1 to10 numbers.

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