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The kinetic structures walk on their own and get all their energy from the wind.

Art, engineering, nature, and a lot of hard work with outstanding skills humans can make anything. This is true for some people or if we say an engineer then it not wrong.

Theo Jansen made such fossils to make new forms of life on beaches. He walking fossils structures that can move only with the power of nature. I mean to say these structures move with the help of the energy by wind only, and in the future, he wants to put out in herds.

These structures are a great example of excellent skills by human beings. As these can move very effectively and without any such restriction. These do not eat and only moves with the help of wind only.

This video by Theo Jansen has shared over social media and gets famous and viral. Even the man-made robots shared this video on its social accounts, such as Sophia the Robot.

The Sophia the Robot shared this video and “Wondering what I would look like with @TheoJansen ‘s amazing walking legs (?). What do you say @StrandBeests? How would you like to help a robot walk? @hansonrobotics” said by Sophia. 

Watch the complete video at here

Theo Jansen is a Dutch artist and his full name is Theodorus Gerardus Jozef, who was born on 14 March 1948 in Scheveningen, South Holland, Netherlands. He is famous for his creative art and engineering and well knows for his Kinetic art, and people often say him the Kinetic artist. There is a book also by Jeol Jansen names “The Great Pretender”. 

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