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These are Google’s New Search Ranking Updates for 2020

Google recently announced some latest updates for 2020 at its Search On Event on 15 and 16 October 2020. This is official updates by Google that is conveyed by its representatives on the Official YouTube channel of Google. Lots of facts and queries that are answered by Google. Many of the questions/queries are directly answered and some of the updates are category-wise explained. In this 36 minutes and 30 seconds video, there are some announcements, facts, news and some updates especially for Search Engine Optimization are major highlights of this online event. In this article, we gonna discuss with you those updates. Okay, then these are Google’s New Search Ranking Updates for 2020.

Google BERT Update 2020

As you know Google launched Google BERT on 25 October 2019 in the United States of America for the English language. During that time Google uses BERT only in 10% of searches. But, now Google using BERT for every English search not even in the USA but also in other countries too.

Now Google using BERT for many languages, but in these six languages being used the most, and these six languages are,







What is Google BERT?

Google BERT is a Neural network-based technique for natural language processing (NPL) pre-training called Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers or the BERT in short form.

BERT uses for identifying the intent behind any search query. It works by identifying the meaning of a word in a sentence, search query, or in a phrase, looking at the word before and after the word. BERT makes it easy to find any meaningful words and exact queries.

Google’s New Search Ranking Updates for 2020

If you are worried and anxious about new updates whether it is by Google, or all types of other updates then, you should know this fact that in the past year 2019, Google had enrolled over 3600+ updates to improve searches. what is mean by this, this means every day there are almost 10 updates by Google or if we say in every two and a half hours one update.

New Search engine indexing of Paragraphs 2020

This is one of the major updates by Google in the past weak. Now from next month say November Google will start indexing best fit paragraphs for the search queries by the user on Google. If any part or lines of a paragraph in overall post/content is best suited to the searched query then, is now going to indexing in result results on Google.

From next month Google starts this indexing system for 7% of all queries in all countries and all languages.

Google will now divide the page content into sub-categories and show all the best results for the board searches. This is also very good for the pages that have results that best suits the search query.


  1. The traffic will increase (because the paragraph will now also indexing with the web page).
  2. More is the quality content you write, more is the chance of getting indexing of paragraphs.
  3. More chances to be indexed on the first page.
  4. This will increase the website’ ranking.
  5. Overall revenue will increase.


  1. Un-relevant content, spin content, repeated content, thin content, copy-paste, etc would be now less chance to be ranked.

Google’s PinPoint 2020 for Journalists

Now the journalists can get information and data regarding the news or topic directly by Google. Google Pinpoint is an anchor product of Google’s Journalist studio.

This tool helps journalists to uncover and explore a large collection of facts and information, documents, etc, etc. This is a free tool by Google and you can sign up for free at-

Google’s New Style Engine Technology 2020

These new features really help e-commerce websites. Now you can long-press on any Image in Google chrome or Google app and can find a similar item on Google and can get information about those products or items.

This feature is enabled on Google from November 2020. This will help both merchants and buyers on Google, by showing merchant’s products on Google, and by showing new products to the consumers.

Google’s new Spelling check algorithm system launches in Nov 2020

Google going to launch a new spelling algorithm in Nov 2020 to check spelling mistakes in your content. For this Google uses over 680 Million parameters to check spelling mistakes in your content.

It catches even those spellings which looks correct, For example, Cookie Doe ice cream recipe, but actually it’s Cookie dough ice cream recipe. This new spelling detection algorithm system will work in just 3 milliseconds.

Google’s Knowledge graph data now for everyone on Google 2020

Google will now show the data given by some of the famous organization, such as Census, Word Bank Group, CDC, USGS, and many other organizations as an open database program called Data Commons. Google working with these organizations since 2018.

These are Google's New Search Ranking Updates for 2020

This data was now available on Google for everyone, however, this data was being used by many researchers, universities, colleges, etc for collected data since before now. By using this feature you can simply ask Google to find results in the form of required data.

Google Business listings 2020

Now Google business indicator will show on search and maps. Means will show on parks, beaches, public places, etc. Since last month Google business listing is showing the details about what health & safety precautions are there to prevent Covid-19 at the place you searched and want to visit.

This will help people to understand where they and their loved ones can visit or not, and what types of safety precautions are taken at that business place, shops, etc.

For example,

  1. Face Mask required
  2. Reservation required
  3. Staff wear masks
  4. Staff get a temperature check
  5. Etc, Etc

Google Lens function in the Search bar

Now you will find the Google Lens function in the Google search bar. You can now scan the photo of the homework and learn about it.

This will work as a query and you will get the relevant result of that problem, such as mathematics equations, physics formulas, derivation, chemistry reactions, biology questions, etc.

Understanding the World around You

Google will launch the live view for the places and you just Pointing the camera, and you will get helpful information about the place.

Let’s take an example of a restaurant, and the helpful info is, is it open? how busy it time to get, star rating, and more at the live view.

Facts According to Google’s Data 2020

  1. According to Google, billions of searches per day on Google.
  2. 10% of searches are misspelled on Google, but, Google’s Did You Mean feature helps you to connect with the exact query or the right search you want.
  3. 15% of searches are those queries that are never searched on Google yet before.
  4. Over 3 million safe browsing warnings given by Google per day.
  5. 25 Billion Spammy pages detected by Google every day.

Information Credit- Google & Google’s Videos

Watch The Full Video about these updates, 

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