How to Upload to Google Drive From Android?

How to Upload to google Drive From Android?
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Google drive is easy and free cloud storage for many types of files. Also, it’s a different thing that Google drive provides limited storage of 15 GB of data for free, then, you need to buy the storage with different plans offers. But, for beginners or if no such media like video and other big files to be stored in google drive this free storage is sufficient for many users. Okay, let us talk about the process of how to Upload to Google Drive From Android?

Google provides free storage to give its customers free of cost service. If you talking about some other apps by Google, such as Youtube, Maps, Calendar, Google Photos, News, monetization options (Google Adsense), etc are free of cost.

You do not need to pay any amount for these services. Okay, let us take our today’s topic,

How to Upload to google Drive From Android?
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This is not a process because it is very simple to do. You can easily share files with google drive, and customize files from and to google drive from your android phone. Okay, let us explain to you with an example,

How to Upload to Google Drive From Android?

1 Choose a random photo or file from your phone. Let us choose a picture, and then click on the share icon.

How to Upload to google Drive From Android?

2 Choose Google drive and just click on save. That’ it. In this similar way, you can upload videos to google drive from an android phone.

3 If you want to add files from inside in google drive then choose the + icon and then choose upload.

How to Upload to google Drive From Android?

You can see these files in a specific folder. For this first, you have to create a folder and then, you can customized files from inside to phone or from phone to inside.

How to Upload to google Drive From Android?

To get the uploaded file back from google drive to your phone or on any other device. You can choose the download option, and your file will start downloading.

How to Upload to google Drive From Android?

Many other tasks and operations that you can do with google drive, such as remove any file, make a copy, backups, etc, can be done easily.

How to Upload to google Drive From Android?

If you need more storage then you can easily buy storage from google. There are available 100GB, 200GB, and 2TB options for storage. The charges vary with the pack you select.

If you buy an annual pack then you will get a discount, as compared to the total charge in the monthly pack.

Advantages of Google storage

  1. It is free of cost, and you know that it is given by Google and therefore don’t worry about technical faults.
  2. For a small user, this storage space is sufficient for storing different files at one place. 
  3. You can excess your stored files anywhere, just by sign in to your google account. 
  4. You can set your extra layer of security to your Google account by enabling two-factor authentication. To enable two-factor authentication goto your Google accounts and then in the security section, you can simply find the 2FA security option. How to turn on 2 step verification Google Gmail?
  5. The two-factor authentication helps the user to protect the after password situation. 
  6. It is very easy to use and anyone can handle it.
  7. There are many other options, such as removing stored files, copy, send a link, share, add to the bin, etc, etc. 
  8. To add a big file in Google drive anyone can make the file in zip format and then, you can add more Bytes in a very small space. The zip format helps the user to compress thousand of kilobytes into a few megabytes of storage. 
  9. The customer support by Google can help you if you faced any problem or issue regarding storage, account issues, or any query.

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