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38 Government Jobs After Graduation in India in 2021?

Now we have been reached in the year 2021, and also in the year 2020 most students are thinking about what to do after graduation. There are many opportunities that can be crack after completing graduation in 2021. However, there are a lot of Government jobs, and other private works, businesses for a graduate student, but here we are only discussing government jobs after graduation. Here we gonna discuss 38 government Jobs after graduation in India in 2021 with some useful data.

In these jobs, some jobs are included senior secondary pass out standard, and even 10th pass out jobs, and some other diploma requirements. Okay, let us see –

38 Government Jobs after Graduation in India in 2021

Let us divide those Jobs category wise

Bank Jobs in India

Jobs in the banking sector after graduation can be found after selected in various exams conducted by the state government and central govt too. The posts in the banking sector are various from peon to Specialist Officers. These are some of the names of the posts in the banking sector,

  1. Specialist Bank Officer
  2. Probationary Bank Officer
  3. Manager
  4. Clerks
  5. (Various other posts) ETC. 

There are many exams that are conducted by both state govt. and Central Govt. through different departments and banks.

Teaching Jobs

38 Government Jobs after Graduation in India in 2021?
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Teaching jobs in India are very wide and there are a lot of opportunities to become a teacher at various posts or departments. Some of the posts  in teaching lines are,

  1. Primary Teacher
  2. Professor or lecturer
  3. Computer Teacher
  4. Physical Education Teacher
  5. Etc, etc (Various posts)

HTET, CTET, direct interview and there are many other exams for various posts in the teaching line.

If you interested in the teaching line and have proper knowledge of subjects or a particular subject then, you can apply for these exams or can directly apply for a walk-in-interview.

Defense and Police Jobs

There are lots of posts available under this category. For these types of jobs, you have to fit mentally and physically. For example, Some of the posts are,

  1. The Indian Army
  2. Indian Navy
  3. Indian Air Force
  4. DRDO (Various Posts)
  5. Police (Various Posts)
  6. (Various other posts) ETC. 

Various exams are taken by both state and Central government to fulfill the required vacancies in different departments and in relevant disciplines.

Railways Jobs

There are lots of job opportunities in railways, that depend on your qualification.

You can apply for railway jobs on the basis of Middle standard exams, secondary exams, senior sec. exams, diplomas, and further graduation, and post-graduation exams, etc.

  1. Station Master
  2. TTE (Travelling Ticket Examiner)
  3. Loco Pilot
  4. Engineers
  5. Railway Cleark
  6. Track maintainer
  7. Helper
  8. Pointman
  9. Hospital attendant
  10. (Various other posts) ETC.

Engineering Jobs

38 Government Jobs after Graduation in India in 2021?
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If you have an engineering degree or relevant disciples diploma, such as B.TECH, M.TECH, MCA, Ph.D., etc you can apply for govt engineering jobs.

You can get jobs directly via walk-in interviews in many schools, colleges, universities, etc.

There are many other posts of officer level and junior and senior-level engineers in different states and central government departments.

Some of the engineering jobs’ posts are,

  1. Software engineer
  2. Hardware engineer
  3. Officer
  4. Engineer Manager
  5. Teaching jobs
  6. Senior and Junior engineer on various posts


The Union Public service commission of India (UPSC) conducts many exams every year from defense department services to officer level posts for govt offices and also for high-level administrative services. For example, 

  1. IAS Officer
  2. IPS Officer
  3. IFS Officer
  4. CDS Exam
  5. Officer (On various Posts)
  6. NDA Exam

Exams for these posts are – yearly civil services pre, mains, interviews, NDA exams, CDS exams, etc.

As you all know some of the job titles after cracking these exams are very high-level of rank, such as IAS, IPS, High-rank officers in different departments, etc. 

State and Central Government Jobs

In this category, however, many job posts are available but these posts may be available at the local govt services levels.

For example, in your area, there are many posts available in many departments of Government. But sometimes info. about these govt posts is not available on the internet or other online job portals/websites. 

Therefore, if you want to get a govt job in local areas then, you must get information about these jobs by visiting or contacting the relevant govt departments.

Many job posts are state-level jobs and even central govt jobs in these departments, hence, you should know about them. For example,

  1. Stenographer
  2. Peon various departments
  3. Cook in various departments
  4. Gardener in various departments
  5. Helper in various department
  6. Watchman in various department
  7. Driver in various departments
  8. (Various posts) ETC.

SSC Jobs

The staff selection commission of India conducts many exams every year for all, 10th pass, 12th pass, graduate students, etc, and provide jobs to thousands of candidates. There are various job posts for which SSC conducts these different exams. Some of the job titles are, 

  1. Officer level job posts
  2. Cleark
  3. Various D groups Jobs
  4. Constable
  5. Multi-tasking staff
  6. Etc, etc (Various others).

Author’s View

These are obviously more than 38 government Jobs after graduation in India in 2021. 

Here some of the job titles are of D group level, but in India, many candidates are there who want a job after graduation immediately. To fulfill this urgent job requirement they fill 10th based exam forms to get jobs while they are graduates pass out. They want a job as soon as possible sometimes due to bad financial situations. 

That’s why we included here those job titles that are even based on the 10th to 12th examination. 

Also, in the time that will come after this Covid19 pandemic how many jobs are announced by Govt, for now, its prediction is not possible, however, thousands of students need urgent jobs. 

How to get Government Jobs after graduation in India in 2021?

These are only suggestions! (Here we are not forcing you to follow these, it’s your choice )

  1. You should prepare from now for those jobs or exams that you want to crack in 2021.
  2. Do more work on your weak subject and work hard to cover those subjects.
  3. Make a time table or schedule chart for proper disciplined study.
  4. Keep maintaining your overall health along with the study.
  5. Keep in touch with new announcements/news/syllabus changes, etc relevant to your exams/courses or other job titles.
  6. Stay connected and keep checking the jobs portal/website to stay updated about the latest jobs/exams, and upcoming jobs/exams. 

Staying Safe during this pandemic is must be your first priority,

Hence, Be Safe, Be healthy

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