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What is a Flowchart, Definition, Examples, in C programming, Software, types of flowchart, advantages

What is a Flowchart?

Flowchart definition A flowchart is a diagram or simply a pictorial/Visual representation of an algorithm, process, or workflow, etc.

The flowchart is used in many ways to solve a problem whether in computer programming, functional, process map, business process modeling/mapping/notation, etc.

 Flow chart examples

what is a flowchart

Types of Flowchart which are commonly used

Workflow diagram 

Yes/No charts

Data-flow diagrams

Decision flows 

Process flow diagram 

Swimlane flowcharts 

Influence diagrams charts 

System charts

Logic charts

Product charts

Event-driven process chain charts, etc.

Advantages of Flowchart 

Since a flowchart is a visual representation, we can use it documenting simple processes, design, and make programs. 

It maintains good program documentation. These charts help to visualize what is going on and thereby help to understand a process or problem. 

It can be used to standardize a process for effective analysis, efficiency. 

With the help of these charts, a process or a program can be studied easily by making detailed parts and communicate a process for training purposes.  

Easy systematic debugging.

It helps a programmer to maintain unnecessary steps in a program and improve it, and pay attention to that part of the information flow, which is to be modified. 

A good way of communicating.

With these charts, we can create an oral presentation and can organize a group or individual projects with an easy scenario. 

These charts serve as a basis for designing new processes.

When we work on a large coding process/program it acts as a Roadmap during the process/program preparation phases.

In a programming language, the encoded syntax and the various instruction can be easily checked by the programmer to ensure that no mistake and no step/instruction is left. 

Disadvantages or limitations of a Flowchart.

what is a flowchart
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Sometimes any modifications or alternations in program logic will usually require a completely new chart which is an obvious waste of money and valuable time.

When a user works on a large and complicated program, and any misleading program logic statements or instruction become a pain for the user and this process becomes a tedious job for the user and wastage of time.

Conclusion: A Flowchart is very useful for beginners because it has the ability of pre-preparation process/program, well documentation, efficient coding, efficient analysis, and lots more.

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Online software for drawing flowchart

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