11 Features that You Will Get After Installing Flipkart in 2021?

11 features that you will get after installing Flipkart in 2021?
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As all, you know that Fli[kart is an E-commerce company that provides online buying and selling of products, and online services. You can buy and sell products and services on both the PC version website of Flipkart and on its mobile app, which is available on Google Play Store. Let us talk about 11 Features that You Will Get After Installing Flipkart in 2021?

Technical specification of Flipkart app (Google Play store)

  1. Name of the app – Flipkart Online Shopping App.
  2. Size of the app latest till 14 March 2021 – 39 MB (Google play store).
  3. Total installtion of Flipkart app – 10 million+ (Goolge play store).
  4. Requirements – Android 5.1 or Later. 
  5. Current version till 14 March 2021 – 7.18 (google play Store).

11 Features that You Will Get After Installing Flipkart in 2021?

After the successful installation of this app from the Google play store, let us see its available features with services. 

  1. Be an online buyer – You can find thousands of products that cover your daily requirements to live life. From a simple tv to 4k HDR tv or from a pen to 512 GB pen drives.
  2. Be a Seller on Flipkart – By register and you can grow your business online at Flipkart. You can be a manufacturer, supplier, vendor on it. 
  3. Exciting benefits of super coins – You will super coin after purchase or simply if your purchase fulfills super coins requirements. 
  4. Use it in Different languages – You can use Flipkart in different languages, such as English, Hindi, Marathi, etc. 
  5. Flipkart Voice assistant – Yiu can easily talk and shop items on Flipkart through its Vice assistant support.
  6. You can Book Flight Tickets on Flipkart. 
  7. Discover interesting ideas to try.
  8. Comparison between products before any purchase on Flipkart. 
  9. Premium Content on Flipkart – You can watch premium shows, movies, etc on Flipkart. 
  10. Insurance Plans – You will get different life and health insurance plans on Flipkart to buy online. 
  11. Add to cart option before any purchase.

Disclaimer – These are the features of the Flipkart app that are available for users.

Flipkart Official website – Flipkart.com 

Featured Image Credit – financialexpress.com

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