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SpaceX again successfully launched 60 more Starlink satellites in space Falcon 9

Falcon 9 space rocket again completed a new task that is operated by SpaceX company. This launch has been done on 14 March 2021 Sunday, from NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Merritt Island, Florida. 

In this launch, a total of 60 Starlink satellites are deployed in orbit by SpaceX company. Now the total number of StarLink satellites in space is 1261, and the total number of deorbited satellites is 64 till the date 15 March 2021. 

Starlink project is the project of Company SpaceX, CEO Elon Musk, for providing high-speed internet connectivity for urban to remote areas. Also recently in March month, two launches have done successfully. One is on March 4 and the second was on March 11, 2021. No, any satellites are deorbited in the launch of March month, day 4th of March, day 11th of March, and day 14th of March. 

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