Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Alibaba Cloud Exemplary Women Program Empowering over 2000 women in Southwest.

The Alibaba Cloud services are known for delivering scalable platforms for cloud computing, and data management systems. But, Alibaba also works at the social level and helping women to make an empowerment ship in society.

In this chain, Alibaba cloud established 10 educational and producing centers across rural China. In this “Exemplary Women Program” Empowering over 2000 women in Southwest, by Alibaba cloud.

This info is shared on their official Twitter account, Alibaba Cloud/Twitter

A video is released by Alibaba on Twitter account. In this video, a woman named as “Fenlan Zheng”, told her story in this Exemplary Women Program by Alibaba. She is helping women in a rural area of southern China make traditional textile products by taping their own cultural heritage and sell them to better lives. 

Watch the complete video about these stories – Alibaba Cloud/Twitter. 

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