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From Today to 18 March You can get Surviving Mars Game Free Epic Games store

Yes, On the Official store of you can now download the Surviving Mars Game free of cost. Now you can Follow the official site of epic games then go to the store and get Surviving Mars.

Note – The sale will end on 18 March 2021 at 8:30 Pm.

About the Free version of Surviving Mars Game Free Epic Games store

This Game is Developed by the Haemimont games, and the publisher of this Game is paradox interactive. This game is about discovering Mars with minimal casualties to colonize and to discover the secrets of the Red Planet. It is based on sci-fi. In this game, you have to choose a space agency for the available resources, and get starting to explore Mars for new possibilities. The main thing in this game is to make a colony at a place where no oxygen for human survival. Hence, you can think, what type of requirements to construct such a colony. This is like what a scientist will think about that type of mission. The Red planet mission to discover possibilities for human survival is also an original mission that is lead by different space agencies over the globe, for example, NASA. 

Note – Not all versions are available free of cost, for example, the Surviving Mars – Digital Deluxe edition, Surviving Mars – First colony edition. Also, the add-on packs for this Game are still not free of cost, you have to pay for that.

Official Website –

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