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What is Robotics, what was the first robot, types of robotics, Robotech

What is Robotics?

Robotics is the branch of engineering and science.

which deals with the design, construction, electronics, programming operation and as well as a computer system which is used to control the sensory feedback and processing the information.

In today’s world robotics are a very new and innovative modern technology field.

what is robotics

Robotics has the potential to change our living style as well as our daily routine work.

Robotics has the ability to perform a very complicated task, in which a human can not survive.

The field of robotics is growing rapidly with the advent of Big data, artificial intelligence.

Also, machines are now capable of processing a large quantity of data. Generations (innovation define in robotics)

what is robotics
Two-legged robot

What was the first robot?

The first digital and programmed robot was developed by George Devol in 1954

The name of this robot is Unimate.

The first robot sold to General Motors in 1961 where it was used to lift hot pieces of metal from die casting machine.

Types of robotics: There are lots of robots based on different categories. Let us talk about a few ones.

These are based on Locomotion. While locomotion is a process or method that a robot uses to transport himself from one place to another place.

Types of Robotics.

what is robotics

Stationary robots 1 Cartesian/Gantry robots

2 Spherical robots

3 SCARA robots

4 Parallel robots

5 Cylindrical robots

6 Robotic Arms (Articulated robots)

Wheeled robots 1 Sigle wheel (Ball) robots

2 Two-wheeled robots

3 Three-wheeled robots

4 Four-wheeled robots

5 Multi wheeled robots

6 Tracked robots


Legged robots 1 One-legged robots

2 Two-legged robots (Bipedal robots / Humanoids)

3 Three-legged robots (Tripedal robots)

4 Four/ Quadrupedal robots

5 Six/ Hexapod robots

6 Many legged robots


Robot Fish / Swimming robots
Swarm robots
Soft elastic robots 1 Snake robots

2 Hybrid robots

3 Crawler robots

Flying robots
Modular robots

Some others.

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