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Bank locker rules might be change from new year 2023

Bank locker rules might be changed from the new year 2023. The reserve bank of India (RBI) might change the bank locker rules from the upcoming 1 January 2023.

As per the reports, RBI says, from the next year, when the set of new rules is implemented, the banks are not allowed arbitrariness on their customers.

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These changes could happen to bank locker rules in 2023.

  1. If any of your things kept in the locker of the bank in which you have your account is lost or there is any tampering with it, then the bank will be fully responsible for it. The bank will have to answer why this happened.
  2. It may also happen that if the bank makes any changes to its locker in the coming time, then its information will also be given to you in advance. For this, an SMS or any other message will be sent to you from the bank.

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Very Important Points 

  • Always be sure while receiving any notification through any medium such as SMS, Email, or call, etc that the sender is a genuine bank.
  • Any bank or its employees or anyone never ever asks you to share your personal bank details, such as OTP, bank account number, CVV, ATM card number, PIN, UPI Pin, ATM card expiry date, etc.
  • Your bank account’s security is in your hand, so, always be careful.
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