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Types of search engine in computer and mobile with queries, success factors

Search engines mostly Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex, etc are developing a major environment around us in our day-to-day life. As a human being our curiosity about learning, knowing facts, and determining things increase with the passage of time. Therefore search engines help us to make these all things calm down for us.

But along with this the level of our education, means, from primary education to P.HD level, and something else makes a huge difference in terms of search engines’ usability and importance. Also, there is a contradiction to the above line, that today with the help of voice search features an illiterate person who has much understanding of local languages can use search engines to find queries easily.

Okay, before starting the types of search engines, let us explore the definition of the search engine.

What is a search engine?

 A Search engine is a specialized program where you get the required information from the huge database of resources available on the internet.

Types of search engines. 

1 Crawlers search engine:

This type of search engine uses a crawler, spider or bot to search the required information. 

Steps involve in crawler:

A –  The crawler digs through the individual web pages.

B – Indexing and calculating relevancy.

C – Pulls out the required keywords and adds the pages to the search engine database.

The crawler, again and again, crawl your whole website and fetch the information through web pages.

This may take time to crawl your web page database and it depends on what types of search engine is.

so sometimes you see that your deleted post or page content is showing in the search result until the crawler again crawls your web. 

Examples of crawler search engines are Google, Yahoo!, Bing, Baidu, Yandex.

2 Directories:

These search engines powered by humans and depend on the human editor to create their database information and listings. 

Examples of directories are the Open Directory, Yahoo Directory, DMOZ, etc. 

In these directories, the site owner submits their site information, like in form of web URL, and the directories approve this and give appropriate category or may be rejected. 

3 Hybrid search engines:

These search engines use both crawler and human directories search engines for their required result. 

Examples of Hybrid search engines are (,

4 Metasearch engines:

These search engines collect meta-information/results from other pages or sites as well as directories and combine them into large listing and display in search results. 

Examples of Metasearch engines are Dogpile, Metacrawler.

According to users best search engines in the world.

1 Google is the No. 1 search engine in the world.

Around 3/4 ( 74%) part of the search is powered by Google ( in a report of 2018). 

2 Baidu

This is the most popular search engine in China and approx. at 2nd place in the ranking of largest search engines acc. to 2018 update.

3 Bing

This is powered by Microsoft and also a very large search engine in the world.

4 Yahoo!

Yahoo is still a very large email provider and search results. 


This is a question-answer type search engine, you can ask any question and get many answers, but it is not convenient like google, bing, Yahoo!.


7 WolframAlpha

It is a type of calculational knowledge search engine and answer engine and you can do a very short calculation here. 

8 DuckDuckGo

It is a very good search engine as it protects your search privacy.

9 Internet Archive

Universal access to all knowledge.


One of the largest search engine of Russia and very good ranking globally. 

Conclusion: Ranking goes higher and lowers at a different time interval.

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