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Types of pollution in English, definition, causes, effects, and facts,

What is pollution? and types of pollution.

types of pollution
Pollution is a kind of those particles, substances or any materials which in either form (Solid, Liquid, Gase’s) spread in our environment in a harmful way.

It contaminates air, water, the soil in the form like chemical substance, energy (heat, light, sound), etc.

Pollution has many types but only four types are considered majorly. Let’s explore the types of pollution in detail. 

1 Air pollution.
2 Water pollution.
3 Soil pollution.
4 Sound pollution.

1 Air pollution.

In today’s world lots of reasons for air pollution like industries, transport vehicles, domestic air pollution release harmful chemical particles in our atmosphere.

From industries and transport’s vehicles carbon dioxide Co2, sulfur dioxide, carbon monoxide CO, and nitrogen oxide harmful gases release which is the major reason for air pollution.

At domestic levels the pollution by burning any kind of materials like coal, wood, rubber, electric wires (covers with plastic or rubber) to make a meal or any other work in houses also a big reason for air pollution.

2 Water pollution.

types of pollutionWater pollution, the unwanted materials, liquid, chemical waste, etc, when discharge in water by direct or indirect method leads to water pollution.

In the industrial area the waste materials, chemicals are discharged on the water surface leads to water pollution.

The untreated domestic Sewage treated sewage which contains chemicals contaminants like chlorine reason for water pollution.

Also in agriculture, the fertilizers and pesticides make with contact to open sources of water lead to water pollution.

Bath in the open river, washing clothes and other discharges into the water makes it harmful.

Septic tanks make groundwater water polluted.

3 Soil pollution in types of pollution.

types of pollutionWhen the release of chemicals in the soil by a spill or underground leakage, it contaminates the soil particles.

The major reason for soil pollution is the unwanted release of waste at the domestic level.

types of pollution

In agriculture pesticides, uses of fertilizers, heavy metals, herbicides, and some chlorinated hydrocarbon.

Also in today’s world plastic products is also a major reason for soil pollution.

4 Sound pollution. 

Sound pollution is which encompasses transport noise, aircraft noise, industrial noise, domestic noise (like big speakers or DJ sounds) as well as high intensity-sonar.

These types of pollution reduce air quality, the quantity of clean water for civilization, land for agriculture and many other harmful effects, cancer-like diseases.
Therefore it is our own responsibility to No any kind of pollution in the environment.

we must reduce pollution as soon as possible to survive on earth.

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