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Indian Telecommunication Bill 2022 license could be issued to major calling app providers

In India, the government is preparing to introduce a new Indian Telecommunication Bill 2022 for Internet calling and messaging-related apps such as WhatsApp, Skype, Telegram, Google Duo, etc apps that provide all these facilities.

What Govt decided on the Indian Telecommunication Bill 2022?

The draft of this bill has been prepared, and now the government has sought people’s suggestions on it till 2022, October 20. The government has also sought the suggestions of the concerned telecom industry till 2022, October 20. After that, we will know which reforms will be talked about in this bill.

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Indian Telecommunication Bill 2022 provision for a license

One of the most important things that are coming out in this bill is the provision of licenses. The government can take a new decision through this bill, under which calling apps like WhatsApp, which provide their services in India, will now have to get a license like telecom companies.

Cost of a license under the Indian Telecommunication Bill 2022

Telecom companies were demanding this for the last several years. Along with this, there may also be a provision in this that if a company surrenders its license, then it can also be given a refund.

Right now it is being speculated that the licenses issued by the government under this may be free or these companies may have to pay money to the government for them.

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Major Telecomm companies in India 2022

There are 4 major Telecomm companies in India right now in 2022; Airtel, Vodafone-Idea Limited, Reliance Jio, and Bsnl. The 3 companies except BSNL are performing very well in their respective field.BSNL on another hand has low connectivity issues regarding voice and as well as its data services.

BSNL is a government company and the govt of India has decided to maintain a good user base and that could come only when BSNL will perform like other Telecomm companies. Therefore, the news market of BSNl redevelopment is always at its peak.

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Indian Telecommunication Bill 2022 license’s features

In this Telecomm bill, there is also a provision for a refund, which will be given to the respective companies on surrender of the license. Now it may happen that after the Indian Telecom Bill 2022, popular apps like Skype, Zoom, WhatsApp, Telegram, etc in which WhatsApp alone has more than 400 million active users in India.

If they are brought under this bill, then they may stop some of the free services on their platform for their calling facility and the consumers will have to bear the extra bill.

It will be similar to if a telecommunication company takes calling ie voice calls and data charges from us. But complete clarification on this will come only after October 20, 2022, what are the new provisions that the government is going to add to this bill, and what is going to be the effect on telecommunication companies and those outside companies under them?

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Conclusion on this upcoming bill

Under this, the Indian government wants to strengthen its IT sector further and in order to maintain security better, the government can bring more such bills in the future.

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