Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic Space Flight 2022 | Cost Per Seat or More | Launch Date

Richard Branson's Virgin Galactic Space Flight 2022 Prices, Cost Per Seat or More, Launch Date, Non-Refundable amount, Deposit amount

Last year in 2021, the American spaceflight company Virgin Galactic announced ticket prices, and start selling from August 2021. As per the data, Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic company added 100 additional bookings for a spaceflight till November 2021. On another hand, the company has had a booking of 600 tickets for a space tour, for the last 9 to 10 years. Okay, let us talk about Virgin Galactic space flight costs 2022. 

Virgin Galactic Space Flight Cost 2022

An American Aerospace company Virgin Galactic is now ready to take civilians to the space tour. In that process, the company has had started reservations for spaceflight for the past many years. 

The company has sold 600 tickets till August 2021, and 100 additional tickets till November 2021. In starting, the prices of tickets are varying between $125,000 to $250,000. 

But, in February 2022, the company announces $450,000 for every Single-seat, for the public. 

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How many total tickets sell-by Virgin Galactic in 2022?

A total of 700 tickets has been sold by Virgin Galactic till November 2021. The company has announced to sell 300 more tickets, to complete 1000 tickets by the year 2022. 

What are the total costs of Virgin Galactic’s tickets in 2022?

As per the company, a single-seat price is $450,000, and there is a difference in prices if you choose more seat options. 

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How many ticket plans are available to purchase a Virgin Galactic’s spaceflight ticket?

On the official webpage of Virgin Galactic’s spaceflight ticket registration process, there are 4 plans available to purchase a single seat option or more than a single seat. The 4 plans are,

  1. Single-seat ticket purchase.
  2. A Couple (2 seats).
  3. Friends and Family Package (3-4 seats).
  4. More 4 seats purchase.

What is the Pre-deposit amount of money for the reservation of a Virgin Galactic flight ticket?

At the cost of $450,000, a one-time pre-deposit amount for the reservation of a ticket is $150,000. This amount is important to hold a seat in Virgin Galactic’s spaceflight. The rest payment for the ticket, minus $450,000 can be payable before the flight. 

Is there any Non-Refundable amount of money in purchasing Virgin Galactic’s Space flight ticket?

Yes, when you pay a pre-deposit of $150,000 to book a slot for spaceflight then, a $25,000 amount of money is non-refundable. 

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What is the total time duration of the Virgin Galactic’s Spaceflight?

The total time duration of this space flight tour will be about 90 minutes. 

What is the launch date of Virgin Galactic’s Spaceflights after purchasing the tickets?

The company has announced its aim to complete 3 space flights every month for the year 2023. 

How many people have traveled to Outer Space in Virgin Galactic’s spaceflight?

A total of 8 People including pilots, co-pilots, employees, and the founder himself Mr. Richard Branson. All these outer space visitors complete this action to be a part of 3 different spaceflight projects. 

Virgin Galactic’s First Outer space flight Project 2018

On 13 December 2018, Virgin Galactic first time successfully complete a tour to outer space named “VSS Unity VP-03” including a crew of two people. The two people are, Ist is Pilot Mark P. Stucky, and 2nd is co-pilot Frederick CJ Sturckow.

This space flight achieved an altitude point of 82.7 kilometers from the earth’s surface, and enter outer space. The crew (of two pilots) is awarded to U.S “Astronaut Wings Badge” in a ceremony held in Washington D.C.

Virgin Galactic’s Second Outer space flight Project 2019

On 22 February 2019, the second flight of Virgin galactic “VSS Unity VF-01”, which was a sub-orbital spaceflight, was deployed from VMS Eve, United State. This project is operated by a crew of 3 people. A pilot David Mackay, co-pilot Michael Masucci, and also a commercial astronaut who is a woman named Beth Moses. 

Beth Moses acted as a passenger during this project. She is work for Virgin Galactic as a chief astronaut instructor, and interiors program manager. At one time in the flight, Beth Moses detach from her seat and experienced zero gravitational force (A situation of near about weightlessness).

The VSS Unity VF-01 achieved an altitude point of 89.99 kilometers from the earth’s surface. After 26 minutes of the journey, the spaceflight landed on the earth, on the same day of launching. 

Virgin Galactic’s third Outer space flight Project 2021

The third suborbital space flight “Virgin Galactic Unity 22” project on which the crew has achieved an altitude point of 86.182 kilometers from the Earth’s surface, holding a 6 people crew. In this crew, a pilot David Mackay, co-pilot Michael Masucci, and four others acted as passengers on this project. 

The 4 passengers are,

Sirisha Bandla (Virgin Galactic – Engineer and commercial astronaut).

Colin Bennett (Virgin Galactic – Lead Operations Engineer).

Beth Moses (Virgin Galactic – Chief astronaut instructor, and interiors program manager).

Richard Branson (Virgin Group – Founder).