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What is PayPal LoanBuilder? Requirements, Good & Bad, Etc.

A Paypal LoanBuilder is a kind of short-term loan provider lender. Paypal LoanBuilder is a product of the financial technology company Paypal. The LoanBuilder is sometimes very similar to a Paypal Business loan, especially in terms of 10 Minutes questionnaire season.

What are the some Good & Bad in Paypal LoanBuilder?

As the Paypal LoanBuilder has its own limited boundaries in terms of a business loan, hence like other loans it has also some advantages & disadvantages. Let’s take a look,

Good features (Pros)

  1. The eligibilities or the requirements to qualify for a Paypal LoanBuilder are very less.
  2. The LoanBuilder is available in around 45+ States of the United States of America.
  3. A Very fast funding time (Loan disbursed time is around 1 business day).
  4. Clear competitive pricing – No extra charges or fees.
  5. Only a fixed single fee is taken as repayment, and no APR applies.
  6. A low personal credit score of around 600+ is required.
  7. Quick and easy loan option for small businesses which need urgent investment in terms of money.

Some Bad Features (Cons)

  1. A UCC-1 blanket lien is required.
  2. No exemption is given in case of early repayment.
  3. This is only a business loan that takes only for a short period of time, not a long-term business loan option.
  4. Under this loan not all industries are covered or if we say that all industries are not eligible for the Paypal LoanBuilder.

What are the PayPal LoanBuilder Requirements?

The eligibility criteria to borrow a LoanBuilder loan in case only with limited industries is very less. If your business fulfills this criterion then you have a chance to qualify for a short-term PayPal loan option i.e. LoanBuilder loan. Here are the required eligibilities,

  1. First, you must have a business located in the United States.
  2. You must have a good personal credit score of around 600+
  3. Your business’s annual revenue must be more than $40,000.
  4. Have no active bankruptcies.
  5. A personal loan guarantee is required.
  6. The minimum age of your business must be 9 months.
  7. Your business must be lies in the category of 490+ industries approved by PayPal LoanBuilder.

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What is the process of Debit (Repayments)?

The repayments are weekly debited from your business bank account. In this process after completing the application form, and if approved with customized terms according to the amount of loan sanctioned and duration for repayments.

A contract will be sent to you by email that must have been electronically signed by you. In this contract, all instructions by the bank are mentioned. After reading these instructions you will know how repayments work weekly. 

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