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Gameloft Julia Rozwens & Latest edition report of Humans behind the Game

A recent report or a type of interview that is published as a weekly edition report of Human Behind the Game. On the official website of Gameloft different stories are published eventually. This time the story of Julia Rozwens covered the audience’s attention. This story is published on Gameloft’s official website and by Angela Jang. Hence, the original story info credit goes to Angela Jang/Gameloft. Here we are going to highlight some lines of the original story. 

Gameloft Julia Rozwens & Latest edition report of Humans behind the Game

Julia Rozwens is one of the game community managers of Asphalt 9: Legends at Gameloft Barcelona. She is working in Gameloft Barcelona, and from the starting & working three years in this field she has not looked back since. She said about her journey and experience in Gameloft and since. 

Her name is Julia and the community knows Julia as Mina. She is a Community Manager for Asphalt 9: Legends. She said I was a gamer from a young age and I remember playing the Commodore C64 with my brother. She grew up as a pc gamer and still a gamer, and nowadays plays games on her Play station and Nintendo Switch. 

She is a cat lover, and crazy about them. She is studied Law, and for few years and works as a VAT specialist in a Tax compnay. But, after working few years on that job she realized that this could not fulfill her dreams (to be a gamer) for the rest of her life, and she is also thinking about her Lawyer background. the, she moved to Barcelona, and after doing working in the next few years in start-ups, finally, she found her dream job in the Gaming field. 

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