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What is a Webinar and how Does it Work? Seminar vs Webinar?

In the year 2020, this is one of the most growing platforms on the internet and can be in trend for 2021. Numbers of online as well as offline works can be easily handled and operate on the internet easily by the webinars. In this article, I will discuss what is a Webinar and how does it work? also, the importance of webinars in today’s world and its impact too.

What is a Webinar and how does it work?

Have you ever hear the term seminar? Of course, many of you have heard about it. Okay, if not, let me explain the meaning of the seminar.

What is a Seminar?

A Seminar is a form of academic, business, commercial programs in which the attendees are given information or training about a stated topic.

It can be a big or small gathering of people who are discussing with each other and engaged with one/two or many representatives. 

A representative can be a spokesperson, a motivational speaker, a business coach, mentor, entrepreneur, or a person who is well Knowledged in their respective field or subject.

The seminars can be held in a small room to a big conference hall or meeting hall.

What is the main motive of Seminars?

Many of the people are asked to you that What is a Webinar and how Does it Work?
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Seminars have one or many motives. It depends on industry to industry.

Every person, business, or any individual has their own requirements relevant to their fields.

Before explaining the motives of seminars let us discuss the types of seminars.

How many types of seminars?

There are many forms of seminars. But, if we divided the seminars category-wise then seminars are mainly three types.

Academics seminars,

Personal development seminars, and

Business seminars.

1 Academics seminars

These types of seminars are held to execute educational purposes and can involve a small or big gathering of students like people.

In these seminars, each can have organic research, and all exchanging their results with each other through reports or discussions.

Group discussion and investigation on the different reports by many attendees with each one by one, the representatives or even a teacher is sometimes having a common work in these types of seminars.

For example, If a school or college wants to execute the overall health performance report of their all student and make a committee regarding this.

Then to inform and gives instructions, which involve various decision and tasks, to the overall school or college facility a seminar can be held by the principal.

2 Personal development seminars

What is a Webinar and how Does it Work?
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Personal development seminars are held to discuss, problem-solving concepts, and to give training to the people. Here, involve students, company employees, staff members, etc, etc.

In these seminars, the attendees are given training for better communication skills, social behavior, how to behave with clients, to improve their leadership quality, etc, etc.

For example, If a company or business launches a new product or any service, then the company held a seminar to give proper information about new products/services.

Through the help of the seminar, leaders or the representative teach the attendees, how to best implements their skills in selling these products and services to their customers.

Personal development seminars are also run to teach new students better communication skills and physical behavior which may help students to get a good job in interviews.

3 Business seminars

Many of the people are asked to you that What is a Webinar and how Does it Work?
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Business seminars are run to grow business strategies or motivate others to join their business.

In these types of seminars a representative, business coach, company boss, CEO, or any motivational speaker attend a small or big attendee’s number of interested people, business employees, staff members, etc.

These representatives share their strategies, analysis reports, company annual income stats, success stories, product details, leadership funnel, give problem-solving solutions, how to build better communication skills and leadership qualities, etc, etc.

How to Plan a Seminar Before and after?

There are many tasks that are required as pre-planned work before organizing a Seminar. After the seminar, there are also some important works that can be done by any organizer or the real man or something else that is behind this overall program.

Things before the Seminars to do so

1. You have to choose a good speaker for your seminar, who can best convey your desired message or purposes of organizing the seminar to the audience.

The speaker can be a professional speaker, motivational coach or speaker, Business CEO, any employee who can best convey the desired message through the seminar, any celebrity, etc, etc.

Choosing such a person should depend on that the person must give a result-oriented performance, whatever be the way of conveying desired messages through the seminar.

2. You have to choose a good venue for your seminar. A good venue is very important if you want to organize a big audience seminar.

There is a need for some required equipment that can be used during the seminar. For example, stand for holding different instruments or devices, mics, speakers, instruments, or other devices that can perform visual representation, etc.

3. Whether the venue has catering facilities?

4. Is there parking available for the upcoming attendees?

5. The setting capacity and well arrangement of chairs or other related facilities must be checked before the seminar.

6. How many doors are available to enter and exit from the venue (such as the hall). This is important in the case of any emergency if an upcoming seminar would be organized with a big audience. You can keep in mind this step as a security measurement.

7. You can invite interesting people to attend this upcoming seminar through different social media networks or any other services. This can help you to keep the interested attendees up to date with the seminar and related instructions or programs.

8. You should inform the interested people before the seminar if in seminar any need for some stationery items or other things. For example, if a pen or paper may be required during the seminar then, it should be mentioned by the seminar organizers.

These all are the important tasks and requirements that should be fulfill or keep in consideration for the success of the seminar.

But, what about after the seminar. Is there any important one that can be kept in mind after completing a seminar?

Off-Course Yes, there are few important steps that should be taken after the seminar.

Things after the Seminars to do so

1. Analyse how many attendees were looking interested in your seminar’s motive. Their appearance, interacting behavior, are they looking satisfied, How many of the attendees asked questions during the seminar, or have you realize that whether their questions are correlated or around the topic of the seminar, etc, etc.

2. Are the attendees ready to give their feedback after completing the seminar.

3. How the performance of the representative or speaker (Whatever be is) is okay or it is Good, for your seminar to convey your seminars’ purpose?

4. Is the facilities provided by the venue authority are fulfill your seminar’s requirement or the requirement that you expected?

5. Is there any need for the same seminar again. I think it depends on the results after the seminar and your seminar’s analysis.

What is a Webinar and how does it work?

When this all procedure is done at an online platform, by fulfilling sufficient requirements for a webinar, with the help of webinar software, web services, live chat sessions, and by any means, then we call it a webinar.

Some Points related to organizing a webinar

  1. In a webinar, the requirements are very less if we compared it to a seminar.
  2. You don’t need any special destination or venues to organize a webinar. Anyone can attend a webinar from their homes, offices, schools, colleges, etc, etc. 
  3. You don’t need to worry about vehicle parking problems, catering services, sitting arrangements, etc. 
  4. Here need specific software, services, apps, etc to organize a webinar. For example, Google Meet
  5. To organize a webinar you and your attendees required some types of electric appliances, audio-video devices, some specific equipment, etc. For example, either a smartphone or Laptop, Desktop computer, webcap, mics, etc, etc. 
  6. One of the big advantages of a webinar is, in some cases if you missed the webinar then, you can watch the videos of that webinar. The videos can be available on official sources. 
  7. In a webinar, you can directly interact with the representatives, like in a seminar. 
  8. The webinars can be used for webinar Business, training purposes, educational, academic sessions, personality development (except some point), Meetings, etc, etc.
Webinars vs Seminars
  1. In a seminar, you have to arrange different works, and you have to pay for those arrangements. Similarly in the webinar, you have to pay for online services, apps, software, need to purchasing webcams, mics, lights, earphones, etc. With the help of these, you can attend or organize a webinar. 
  2. The motive of a webinar or a seminar can be the same. A representative can be the same for both the seminar and the webinar. The number of attendees may or maybe not the same for both the seminar and webinar (Limited numbers with conditions apply). 

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