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How to Add social media icons in Blogger?

The first thing is that if you work hard or work smartly on social media then definitely you can get lots of benefits of social media blogger platform and overall growth. Here I will show you how to add social media icons in blogger or how to add social media buttons to blogger posts, etc, etc. 

Okay, let’s talk about the adding process first, and then we will talk about why social media platforms are important in the field of blogging or somewhere else.

How to Add social media icons in blogger?

Step 1 First, You need to install a proper well responsive theme from an external source, and then you will found that add social icons is very easy.

This is because the theme provided by the blogger is not as good for something that looks good or attractive.

In blogger, you see a social plugins option for adding social icons but not at that position where you want.

But, in a customized theme or templates, you get all the required settings.

Note Here I will use for that required theme and the theme is FLATBLOG. 

You can download this file and after installing you will be ready to add the social media button.

How to install theme on blogger? OR How to change theme in blogger?

Step 2 On the blogger dashboard click on the labels section.

Step 3 Here You will blogger social media buttons widget at Social Top in Header menu widget and also at the Right sidebar of your blog/website.

Step 4 Click on edit Social Top and Edit existing or add new social links that you want to add as a social icon on your blog/website.

How to add social media icons in blogger? Social media Blogger?

Step 5 To add, write the name of that social media platform into the tab “New Site Name” and it’s URL in the tab “New Site URL”  and click on add Link.

For example, you want to add your Facebook page, then write facebook in small letters (This theme support only small letter that’s why) into the tab “New Site Name” and copy the URL of your Facebook page and paste it into the tab “New Site URL” and click on add Link. 

How to add social media icons in blogger? Social media Blogger?

That’s it. This is the way by which anyone can add social buttons to a blogger.

Similarly, you can add social icons or buttons in the sidebar widgets.

To adjust the position, to Edit, and to delete any social icons you can use up and down arrow and edit, and delete button, See in the image below

How to add social media icons in blogger? Social media Blogger?

In this way, you can add a social media blogger network and it’s icons or buttons such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, RSS, etc on your blog/website.

How to add social media buttons to blogger posts?

The answer to this type of query is that a share button is always available in both the two themes you have chosen. In the blogger’s preloaded themes or any other themes that you choose.

This button is present commonly at the bottom of any post, see image below

When you use blogger’s themes

How to add social media buttons to blogger posts?

How to add social media buttons to blogger posts?

When you use an external theme (for example, which I suggest above)

How to add social media buttons to blogger posts?

Otherwise, if you want to set these buttons at your desired position (anywhere on the post), then definitely you should have knowledge of HTML, coding, etc. 

Social media marketing for bloggers

If your social media and blogging or Blogger social network is strong or well maintained then not from the perspective of blogger even on any platform it will help you a lot.

Okay, let’s take a quick look at the importance and advantages of social media platforms in the blogging field.

1 You can get sudden popularity if you have an audience on any such social media networks.

If you shared your work on these social media platforms at a regular interval, then after some time if your content has the ability to attract users, then those user comes on your blog/website directly from searching it on the web.

This creates a belief in your content and starts to create your brand value on the internet.

2 InDirect and easy traffic.

Everyone knows that if you want to gain traffic in the initial days of blogging or in relevant services, and if anyone has a social media targeted audience or group of users, then it will provide a beginning exposer to that services or the blogging field.

You can share your post on your social media platforms and can get lots of free genuine traffic from these sources to your blog/website.

This is also important because in the field of blogging, and in starting days, one can face lots of problems getting organic traffic from Google, Yahoo, and other search engines.

How to add social media buttons to blogger posts?
Photo by Merakist on Unsplash

After getting approved in Google Adsense, you may place ads on your blog/website and can get traffic from your social media platform and earn money, and this does not violate the Adsense policy and requirements.

How to Make Money Blogging 2020-2021 Blogger Adsense Requirements?

3 Directly sell your product or services on your social media platforms.

If you have a good overall social media environment for a social gathering then in the beginning time of your business this makes an economical value graph for your business, and it’s sometimes can predict the future value too.

4 It’s like a backup for the unwanted crisis in business.

Think up that, one of your blog or website is going to be down, closed, or imagine that it has stopped.

Here, if you create a new blog/website or something new on different platforms on the internet.

Then, if you have an audience, and of course a social media support in the form of user base or targeted people or group of users, then you can promote your new startup on these platforms.

These are some of the major points of having a good social media user base and its importance. There are also many other points but I think these are sufficient and relevant to this article.

Thank you for Reading!!

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