Why was the keyword Elon Musk battery explosion death, etc trending on Headlines?


Recently a piece of Fake news, big hoax headlines are trending on news portals. The fake news was that the CEO of Tesla company Mr. Elon Musk died in a lithium battery explosion in the tesla factory.

Of course this a big Gauze news but, when it was going to trending on social media, everyone shocked at this news. Many users on social media start sharing #rip messages or tweets on their accounts about the death news of Elon Musk. 

Why was the keyword Elon Musk battery explosion death etc trending on Headlines?
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On the basis of this fake news, many users start to upload content related to Elon musk’s death (Fake details, etc). 

Why was the keyword Elon Musk battery explosion death, etc trending on Headlines?

There can be many reasons for this Fake story. 

  1. As you know Elon Musk is a very rich personality in the world, by trending such fake hashtags any unofficial sources can get Boom highlights. 
  2. Another reason for such fake news is to change a little bit stoke market share percentage. 
  3. Just to create a successful wrong agenda in the market for a while. 
  4. A time pass shunt or for make a Hoax in the related industry. 

You can post here your reactions in the comments after hearing this Fake Death and can share your feelings about these wrong news propagandas. 

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