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What are the benefits of becoming an IRCTC Ticket Agent?

If you also want to do business with Indian Railways, then you can become an IRCTC ticket agent. After becoming a ticket agent, you are given a commission by IRCTC on every ticket booking.

Along with this, how many tickets can you book in 1 day or in 1 month you will also be given a commission for that ticket by IRCTC for each booking.

In this post, we tell you how you can apply to become an IRCTC ticket booking agent, what are its benefits, and how much annual fee or monthly fee you have to pay for this.

How can I become an IRCTC-authorized ticket booking agent?

To become an IRCTC ticket agent, you have to apply for it by visiting the official website of IRCTC. Shortly after applying, you will be made an authorized ticket booking agent by IRCTC.

The process is very simple. The necessary steps during this process are, e-KYC, verification of uploaded documents, that’s it.

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What are the documents required to become an Irctc agent?

The list of documents that are required to fulfill the eligibility criteria for the document verification process to become an Irctc agent is listed below.

  1. Aadhar Card.
  2. Mobile Number.
  3. Pan card.
  4. Email account.
  5. One Passport size photo.
  6. Driving Licence or Voter Id card.

After how much time we can start our IRCTC ticket agent work?

After fulfilling the necessary steps of e-KYC, and document verification, a USB and training kit is sent to you by courier. After receiving this training and USB kit you can start your ticket booking work by sitting at home or outside the office etc.

What are the benefits of becoming an IRCTC Ticket Agent?

By becoming an IRCTC Authorized Ticket Agent, you can book not only railway tickets but also plane tickets. In such a situation, if you book a ticket on behalf of IRCTC, then on each ticket you are given a commission according to 1%.

On the other hand, for every ticket, if you book an AC coach’s ticket, then you are given a commission of 40% of the total value of that ticket.

If you book a ticket without AC, then 20% of the total value of that ticket is given to you as a commission. In this way, you can earn as much as you want if your IRCTC ticket booking work is done properly.

Login benefits for IRCTC-authorized ticket agent 

After becoming an Irctc agent you can do many things on your fingers, such as

  1. Railways ticket booking.
  2. Airplane ticket booking.
  3. Bus ticket booking.
  4. Mobile recharge.
  5. DTH service recharge.
  6. Cab or Taxi booking.
  7. Hotel booking.
  8. Holiday package booking – Railway Tours.
  9. You can also transfer money by login in as an Irctc ticket agent.

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How much Fee do you have to pay to become an IRCTC-authorized agent?

If you want to become an agent of IRCTC, then for this you have to pay around Rs 3999 for 1 year, and if you want to become an authorized agent of IRCTC for 2 years, then you will have to pay Rs 6999 for this.

Along with this, if you book up to 100 tickets in 1 month, then you will also have to pay a fee of Rs 10 per ticket. The same if you book more than a hundred i.e. from 101 to 300 tickets, then for that you will pay a fee of Rs 8 per ticket, and if you book more than 300 tickets in 1 month, you will pay Rs 5 per ticket to IRCTC.

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FAQ – IRCTC Ticket Agent

Is there any limit for ticket booking in a month after becoming an IRCTC ticket agent?

No, if you become an IRCTC-authorized ticket agent, then after that you can book as many tickets as you want in 1 month.

Do we get an opportunity to book Tatkal tickets once we become an IRCTC agent?
Yes, if you become an authorized agent, then you can also book Tatkal tickets in 15 minutes, this option is given.

After becoming an IRCTC agent, can we book tickets for journeys other than the railway?

Yes, after becoming IRCTC authorized agent, you can book tickets for airlines apart from trains in IRCTC.

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