Is the new Motorola Edge 30 Ultra a 200 MP Camera Phone Could Fight with iPhone 14 Pro?

Is the new Motorola Edge 30 Ultra a 200 MP Camera Phone Could Fight with iPhone 14 Pro?

In this 2022 year, you can not out Motorola from the market as the company is constently releasing phones. If we talk about the new Motorola edge 30 Ultra that has a giant 200-megapixel camera sensor, the leading camera sensor in the market. On another hand, the new iPhone 14 pro and pro max have a triple 48 Mp, 12 Mp, and 12 Mp camera sensor, also the most advanced camera sensor in the history of iPhones. 

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New Motorola Edge 30 Ultra Vs iPhone 14 Pro Camera difference?

Apple iPhone recently launched the iPhone 14 model in four different variants. In this series, the new iPhone 14 pro, and 14 pro max has a triple advanced camera setup with a 48-megapixel sensor. 

Therefore everyone in the market thinks that this phone will provide the most decent photos and videos to its users. 

But, on another hand, the new Motorola edge 30 ultra is as same as its China variant called Motorola X30 Pro. Both these phones have the market’s leading camera setup with a 200-megapixel sensor. 

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What’s new in iPhone 14’s camera setup

Apple said a new and improved low light camera setup with an all-time large camera sensor Apple has launched its new iPhone 14 pro.

Also, we still waiting for Google’s new Pixel 7 series. This is because Google’s Pixel 6 pro has a decent camera quality if compared it to the iPhone 13 pro max. Pixel 6 pro has a triple camera setup i.e 50 MP wide, 48 MP telephoto camera, and a 12 MP ultrawide camera sensor. Google Pixel 6 pro captures very sharp details with true colors. 

But the Motorola edge 30 ultra gives a slightly good comparison to the apple 14 while taking a picture with zoom. It is obvious that a 200-megapixel sensor can zoom better than a 48-megapixel sensor phone.

But for the overall customization apple still leave behind the Motorola Edge 30 Ultra. Along with this Apple, this time add a super steady mode named action mode. This is useful while you make the video in running or a moving objects. Yes, the action mode is super cool and video stabilization is just awesome.

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Effect of releasing Apple iPhone 14 pro on the Share market

After the release, In a week Apple’s share goes down near to 148.61 and to a high of 157.87 and these ups and downs still continue.

Final conclusion

If you have a light budget then you should go with Motorola edge 30 ultra or otherwise iPhone 14. The expected price for Motorola edge 390 ultra is around 52,000 INR or and the price of the Apple iPhone 14 starts from 1,39,900 INR or $1000 to so on. Or you can also consider the Samsung galaxy S22 Ultra which comes with a super cool 108 MP camera sensor and a 1000 times camera zoom features, costing around 98,900 INR or $1000, (prices may vary with time).