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How to Create pages on Blogger 2020-2021? Or how to add pages on blogger?

How to create pages on Blogger 2020-2021 is a very easy process and one can do this easily.

In the previous article where I discuss requirements for Google AdSense on Blogger. I discuss briefly some points that are compulsory for Adsense approval and make a few pages is one of the requirements.

How to Make Money Blogging 2020-2021 Blogger Adsense Requirements?

Some of the important pages are, About us, Privacy Policy page, contact us, Disclaimer, etc.

How to Create pages on Blogger 2020-2021?

Creating a page on a blogger is like write a post on a blogger. That has Title, main content body with heading and paragraphs, and some few HTML coding settings too.

Here I will discuss only the short and simple ways in a few lines. 

How to create first time pages on blogger?

Step 1 comes to your Blogger dashboard.

Step 2 Click on pages section and then Choose to Create new page.

Step 3 Choose a title for your page and write some content (relevant t0 the page)and then click ob Publish the page.

That’s it. There is nothing anything else.

Let us take a simple example of how to Create pages on Blogger? by creating an About Us page.

How to Create an About Us page on blogger?

How to Create pages on Blogger 2020-2021? how to add pages on blogger?
Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

About me or about us page means you need to clarify yourself and your work on about page.

Step 1 For an about page you need to set A title names that are About Us, About Me, or Only About.

Step 2 After the title write about yourself or your blog/website. To write about something you can use headings and paragraphs the same as to create a post. Then publish it.

In about page, you can write a description of your blog/website,

How does it work?

How many team members on your blog/website?

The ideology of your blog/website,

Purpose of your blog/website,

About yourself such as your profile info of the author like name, email, experiences, educations, etc (Only add, If you want to add this info).

Some other information about your blog/website which you want to provide your users.

You can add images, videos, outbound links, internal links, etc on your About us page. About Us Page!

Similarly, you can add many other pages to your blogger easily. 

You may add these pages in a simple way or profession like ways. I will explain these techniques in the later articles.

Blogger pages are required to navigate and clarify your Blogger’s niche or idea. Pages help to create a profession like blog/website. 

Hence pages are an important part of the Blogging journey in 2020-2021. 

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