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Advantages of Nanotechnology and its application in medicines, industries, electronics

Advantages of Nanotechnology.

In today’s world nanotechnology putting an amazing effect on our civilization. lots of applications of nanotechnology improve human vision reduce human physical efforts and lots more.

advantages of nanotechnology


Today we talk application of nanotechnology and its advantages. 

A broad area of application sees in Automobile industries, electronics goods, medical science, etc.

advantages of nanotechnology
1 In the automobile industries :

. Cooling fluids with improved thermal performance.
. Increase mechanical strength with metal allows.

. Great improvement in structure with CNTs (carbon nanotubes), graphene and nanoparticle structures.

. Improves mechanical, thermal and some appear like for plastic Coatings and corrosion resistance and permeation barriers.

. New and improved display with new technology.
Nano batteries.
Nanosensors for better understanding.

These materials are often stronger, more durable, and lighter than those made with usually.

2 In electronics :

advantages of nanotechnology


. In electronics, nanotechnology is widely used like in Carbon nanotubes.
. Sensors.
. Nano-Emissive displays (NED)

Television devices (OLED), plasma displays, quantum computers.
Gates and in Switches-nano transistors, nanodiodes.

. In digital computers, Transmission lines
Memories etc.

Advantages of Nanotechnology in Nanomedicine.

advantages of nanotechnology
Nanotechnology is widely used in medical science in the past era of medical history.

Nanotechnology provides amazing tools for research in the medical field.

. Nanotechnology is used for the treatment of cancer as a
 dangerous disease.

. Tissue engineering in our body like artificial RBC (red blood cells corpuscles

by combined nano-computers with the sensors which forward repair body cells.

advantages of nanotechnology
. Diagnostics with nanotechnology.
. Reduced the side effects of many medicines by nano-drug delivery particles or nanomedicine.

. Bones repairing.
. Control of diabetes.
These advantages and applications make nanotechnology future technology for livings.

Nanotechnology provides us with a number of tools for exploring the biological system on a very small scale.

Nanoparticles in medicine help humans to prevent many illness-causing cells by destroying them separately in tissue.

At last, we can say that nanotechnology in the future will be a very important field in education, industry, and medical science.

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