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SBI Kavach Personal Loan Documents, Eligibility, Interest Rate, EMI, Apply Online

In this article, we gonna provide you the complete details about SBI Kavach Personal Loan. You can call this Scheme, a Loan for Covid Treatment of Self and family members. 

Main Highlights of SBI Kavach Personal Loan

  • Only Given to Covid Positive People.
  • The minimum loan amount is Rs. 25,000 and the maximum loan amount is Rs. 5 Lakh, (as per the eligible person).
  • The interest rate is 8.50% Per Annum.
  • The loan Tenure is 5 years.
  • This is a Collateral free loan by SBI.
  • 3 Months of Moratorium (Interest will charge for the moratorium period).
  • Loan benefit is for all Types of People – Salaried, Non-salaried, Pensioners.

What is SBI Kavach Personal Loan?

This Loan is provided By the State Bank Of India as an initiative to compensate the Expenses due to covid treatment.

Who is eligible for the SBI Kavach Personal loan?

  1. Anyone who had found Covid Positive after 1 April 2021 is eligible to apply for an SBI Kavach Loan. Here we mean to say, you and your family member if found covid positive after 1 April 2021 then go for a Kavach Loan.
  2. Covid Positive Report Required Must (But, the report is not old more than 30 Days).
  3. Your account should be in SBI (which Means existing customers).
  4. You Should be either Salaried, Non-salaried, or even Pensioners.

What is the Interest Rate for SBI Kavach Personal Loan?

According to the SBI Bank, the interest rate for the Kavach Loan is fixed at 8.50% per annum. This is the lowest interest rate at this time provided by any bank.

How Can you Apply For SBI Kavach Personal Loan?

There are almost 3 methods by which anyone can apply for an SBI Kavach Loan. These are,

  1. Loan approval through visiting Nearest SBI Branch.
  2. Pre-approval on SBI Yono App.
  3. You can Apply Online by visiting the SBI (State Bank Of India) Official Website.

How much Amount of Loan is Provided in SBI Kavach Personal Loan Scheme?

If A Candidate is Found Eligible for SBI Kavach Loan then, A minimum of Rs. 25,000 (25K) to a maximum of Rs. 5,00,000 (5 lakh) loan amount is provided by the Bank.

The borrower’s profile will ensure that how much loan amount is to be sanctioned. A good Credit Score can be a factor in getting a good loan amount from the bank.

What documents are required to apply for an SBI Kavach Personal Loan?

Minimal documents are required to apply for a Kavach loan such as,

  1. Covid Positive Report (Not Old more than 30 days).
  2. Adhar Card/Pan Card (KYC Documents)
  3. Bank Statement.

What is Loan Tenure in SBI Kavach Personal Loan?

The loan tenure in SBi Kavach Loan is 60 Months. Here, in 60 months 3 months of Moratorium is also available with interest charged.

This means you need to pay your loan to the bank (repaid) in 57 EMIs. Here the interest charge for 3 months of Moratorium will also add in these 57 EMIs. 

Examples of EMI Calculations for SBI Kavach Personal Loan

Here are some of the examples of EMIs calculations for Kavach Loan by SBI with an interest rate of 8.50% per annum with loan tenure (Time).

Interest rate = 8.50% Per Annum. 

Given Below EMI = Per Month Amount to be paid by the customer to the bank.

Loan Amount EMI for 1 Year EMI for 2 Years EMI for 3 Years EMI for 4 Years EMI for 5 Years
25,000 Rs. 2,180 Rs. 1,136 Rs. 789 Rs. 616 Rs. 513 Rs.
50,000 Rs. 4,361 Rs. 2,272 Rs. 1,578 Rs. 1,232 Rs. 1,026 Rs.
1 Lakh Rs. 8,722 Rs. 4,546 Rs. 3,157 Rs. 2,465 Rs. 2,052 Rs.
2 lakh Rs. 17,444 Rs. 9,091 Rs. 6,314 Rs. 4,930 Rs. 4,103 Rs.
5 lakh Rs. 43,610 Rs. 22,728 Rs. 15,784 Rs. 12,324 Rs. 10,258 Rs.

Charges & Fees in SBI Kavach Personal Loan Scheme?

  1. Security – Nil
  2. Processing Fee – Nil
  3. Foreclosure Charges – Nil
  4. Pre-Payment Penalty – Nil

FAQ – SBI Kavach Personal Loan

1. If a customer whose bank account is other than SBI can apply for this SBI Kavach loan?

According to the internet Yes. But Please, confirm it from the nearest SBI Branch, and also understand the required documents & details.

2. How Loan Amount will disburse (Payment to be given to eligible Customers) by the Bank in the Kavach loan scheme?

The sanction loan amount will be directly credited to the Saving account of the customer or current/salaried/pension account. In a similar manner, you need to pay the loan, back to the bank.

Is there any Security for this Kavach Loan?

No, this is a collateral-free loan no need for any security.

3. Is a Reimbursement facility available in this SBI Kavah loan?

Yes, the Reimbursement facility is available through the branch channel.

4. Are we can apply for SBI Kavach Personal Loan over existing Loans?

Yes, this loan provides over and above existing loans facility.

5. Is a Loan facility Available in Kavach Loan?

Yes, This is a term loan if we say in terms of Loan Facility.

6. How to get SBI Kavach Personal Loan Scheme Application Form?

You can get it directly from Nearest SBI Branch, Online apply. 

7. How to Get an Online SBI Kavach Personal Loan Statement?

  1. Open Official State Bank Of India (SBI) Website, and choose Net Banking.
  2. Login with Username or Password, etc (Login Credentials).
  3. After login, you can view or download Your Personal Loan Statement.

8. How to Get an Offline SBI Kavach Personal Loan Statement?

Please visit the nearest SBI Branch for a hard copy of the Personal Loan Statement.

9. How to Check online SBI Kavach Personal Loan Application Form Status?

You can easily check/track your Online application form Status by visiting the Official SBI Online application Status Track page.

To track application status you need to enter a reference number (Application Reference No.) and enter your mobile number.

10. SBI Kavach Personal Loan Customer Care/Contact information?

  1. Visit the nearest SBI Branch to solve your all doubts.
  2. Toll-free Numbers – 1800112211, 18004253800, 08026599990
  3. Email –,

If You have any Doubts Please comment, we are happy to help YOU

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