Is ChatGPT Stock Trading Make You Money in 2023?

Is ChatGPT Stock Trading Make You Money in 2023?

A new face of artificial intelligence (AI) that seems to be at the forefront of the world is ChatGPT. But is it a real story that is running in the market? Artificial Intelligence can have many strong tools, but why only the ChatGPT has come out? The idea of ChatGPT stock trading looks like a magic wing, but whether it would work or not in 2023 or in the future? let’s discuss this.

What is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is simply a chatbot that works with artificial intelligence (AI) technology. Chating on this platform gives you a human-like conversation with an AI chatbot. It is developed by OpenAI and launched in November 2022. It gives you answers to your questions, search queries for you, compose emails, code, and more tasks that can be done with this tool. 

Is ChatGPT Stock Trading Make You Money in 2023?

The answer to this question is absolutely Not. ChatGPT stock trading is no way of finding predictions for the upcoming trends in US stocks. Giving such kind of accurate helpful data regarding making money through the stock market is not possible for any tool in the market. 

The Chatbot “ChatGPT” only gives information about

  • What is the stock market?
  • Factors affecting the stock market.
  • Types of the stock market.
  • How to learn stock market?
  • How to invest in equity, commodities, mutual funds, etc. 

It means Chat GPT only gives information about co-related queries in the stock market. It does not tell you the upcoming trend for a share. It means ChatGPT does not give you data about whether a share would go downward or upwards. So how can you make money through it? 

The Chatbot “ChatGPT” doesn’t give information about

  • You can’t know What method or technique will suit you for getting a profit through trading in the stock market.
  • It doesn’t tell which stocks would rise or down in the future.

It doesn’t give you real-time data about graphs and patterns, such as if you type NASDAQ Super Trend Pattern, then it does provide such information.

Is ChatGPT Stock Trading Make You Money in 2023
Search for super trend patterns in NASDAQ on ChatGPT

List of ChatGPT stock-traded companies

If you want to invest in ChatGPT stocks then, there is no public trading available for ChatGPT and its developer OpenAI. But, there is a list of companies that are comprised in the development of ChatGPT and similar technologies or want to work with them to make their products and services better. If there would increase in ChatGPt-like technologies, these companies can also be impacted. The list of those companies is, 

Company with Ticker (NASDAQ)Market cap.52 Week High52 week LowSector
Microsoft (MSFT)$2.11 T$294.18$213.43Tech.
Nvidia (NVDA)$671.07 B$280$108.13 Tech. 
Perion Network (PERI)$1.85 B$42.04$16.40 Tech. 
Amazon (AMZN)$1.02 T$158.64$81.43E-Commerce
Alphabet Inc. Class A (GOOGL)$1.35 T$132.09$83.34 Tech. 
Intel (INTC)$134.93 B$48.9$24.59 Tech.
International Business Machine (IBM)$118.30 B$153.21$ 115.54Tech. 
Baidu Inc. (BIDU)$47.83 B$160.88$73.58Tech. 
C3ai Inc. Class A (AI)$2.5 B$34.68 $10.16Tech. 
Salesforce Inc. (CRM)$192.5 B$201.12$126.34Tech. 

Top 3 ChatGPT stock or AI stock for investing in 2023

As we mentioned earlier that one can not invest directly in ChatGPT or OpenAI stock, because, ChatGPt or OpenAI is not traded directly yet. But there are some companies that are co-related with ChatGPT or likewise other AI technologies, such as Microsoft (MSFT), Nvidia (NVDA), Perion Network (PERI), and more.

Microsoft (MSFT) as ChatGPT stock or AI stock investment

One of the top tech sector giants Microsoft (MSFT: NASDAQ) has a market cap of $2.11 Trillion. Investments in OpenAI and Artificial intelligence start-ups over its history have shown that Microsoft believes in AI technologies and has in confidence with OpenAI. Microsoft has had a partnership with OpenAI since 2019. For 2023, after the launching of ChatGPT in November 2022, Microsoft invested $10 billion into OpenAI. Hence, one can consider Microsoft (MSFT: NASDAQ) as ChatGPt stock or AI stock for investing in 2023.

Nvidia (NVDA) as ChatGPT stock or AI stock investment

A software & hardware manufacturer company, Nvidia (NVDA: NASDAQ) has a market cap of around $671.07 billion. Nvidia is one of the world’s leading manufacturing companies in the production of high-quality graphic processing units. As per UBS’s estimate, to train ChatGPT 10,000 Nvidia GPUs were used. Also, some analysts estimate that 30,000 Nvidia GPUs are now being used to run OpenAI’s Chatbot. The quality and strength of Nvidia’s Graphics processing unit to handle the workload, better than its competitor companies, makes it more demandable for further use in AI technology. Hence, one can consider Nvidia (NVDA: NASDAQ) as a future AI technology stock for investing in 2023.

Perion Network (PERI) as ChatGPT stock or AI stock investment

Media company Perion Network is a tech-based company that provides digital advertising products and services. Perion Network (PERI: NASDAQ) has a market cap of $1.85 billion. Perion Network has a strategic partnership with Microsoft on its Bing search engine. Microsoft invested billions of dollars into AI technologies. It rolling out a new version of its search engine Bing powered by chatGPT. Hence, if Bing gains market share on Google then, its strategic partner Perion Network could also gain a jump in its share price.


In this article, the given data depends on personal reviews and opinions. We are not advised to buy such stocks.

FAQ – ChatGPT Stock trading

What is the name of ChatGPT’s Stock?

ChatGPT or its developer OpenAI has not any stock name or ticker yet. But, there are many companies, which are interested and also invested in the development and implementation of ChatGPT like artificial intelligence technologies. Therefore, following those companies can help you to find the best AI stocks for investing and trading.

Can we make money fast through ChatGPT stock trading?

Making money fast depends on multiple factors in the stock market. The stock market moves up and down on behalf of various factors. On another hand, ChatGPT is an AI-driven chatbot that uses complex languages to give answers to your question only. It can only teach you a bit. To make money fast in stock trading very hard practices, knowledge, a controlled mind, and more are a must.

Are ChatGPT provides stock market graphs or candlestick patterns?

No, if you type “NASDAQ stock candlestick pattern today” then, it only provides general information about candlestick patterns and doesn’t show you real-time data.

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