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The R44 Million Lotto Jackpot Winner 14 July 2023 has 365 days to claim his prize Otherwise might be canceled

R44 Million Lotto Jackpot Winner 14 July 2023: On Friday morning, 14 July 2023, the National Lottery Ithuba confirmed the winner. But even after the confirmation of the winner, the winner did not appear.

R44 Million Lotto Jackpot Winner 14 July 2023 has not confirmed the identity

About the R44 Million Lotto Jackpot winner, National Lottery Ithuba informs that the winner has won through online banking. Explaining further, they said that apart from this, the winner has not given any other details. People will be notified as soon as the winner is revealed.

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The R44 Million Lotto Jackpot Winner 14 July 2023 has 365 days to claim his prize 

Along with this, National Lottery Ithuba told that this jackpot has been obtained from the draw on 12 July. And according to the National Lottery Ithuba, the winner has 365 days to collect or claim their prize.

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What happened if the Prize remains unclaimed after 365 days of winning the lottery?

If the winner delays more than this, then his prize may be canceled or the draw will be expired. Mokwane Mathibela, Ithuba’s Draw Officer informed that the winner will get R44,331,253.90 for Draw 2350.

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Lottery Up and down in the month of July 2023

There are frequent reports of lottery winners in the market, including a Missouri woman who bought a Powerball ticket the day before. When she looked up the next morning, there was a $50,000 reward posted on him.

What was the incident happened?

A Missouri woman told that she was driving the car in stormy weather with her husband. After a while in the middle of that storm, when she saw the incidents of lightning, she said I cannot drive anymore. She told her husband to wait till the storm passes and they both stopped.

During this time the woman bought a ticket for the Powerball drawing for July 1st. When she saw the news the next morning announcing the winner, she was shocked because she had won the $50,000 prize. She couldn’t believe it and said that I would like to spend this prize money on my grandchildren.

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Two largest Powerball lottery prizes in history till July 2023

Powerball jackpots are two big Powerball jackpots in lottery history one of which was won last year. Whose amount was $ 2.04 billion and it is a world record till now.

In second place is the $1.586 billion Powerball jackpot won in 2016. On another hand, there was no winner for the Powerball Jackpot on Wednesday 12 July 2023. Here, two winning tickets were sold in Indiana and Florida and the price of each was 1 million. In addition, 26 tickets won the $50,000 prize.

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No Winner announced for Saturday’s Powerball Drawing 15 July 2023

The number for Saturday’s 15 July 2023 Powerball drawing are 57, 43, 02, 55, 09, and  Powerball = 18. Saturday 15 July 2023 Powerball jackpot winning amount is $875 million. Now the jackpot upped $900 million for Monday. 

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